Hazel Kavanagh (Ireland):Work on your pitching and chip shots, because it will warm you up! Spend 80 percent of your time on your short game and hitting 40/50/60/70 yard shots – do loads of that! (Or you could emigrate to a warm country and you’ll be nice and warm anyway!)

Florentyna Parker (England): My top recommendation would be to practise your putting indoors, as it’s easily done in cold conditions. Putting is one of the most important parts of the game. You can get these golf mats and you can easily do drills inside.

Gwladys Nocera (France):Stretch! The most important part is your upper body.

Georgina Simpson (England): Well, first of all, buy some hand warmers because it’s freezing cold out there! Seriously, focus on your short game because that will give you some feel back; that is the first thing that goes. Also, do some pitching to within 100 yards. Pick a few targets or flags at the driving range and aim at those. Try to get some feel back and practise your chipping too.

Iben Tinning (Denmark):I am working a lot on the mental game every day on the computer, listening to mental tapes for nearly an hour a day to prepare myself for the year. I go to the gym and have to practise indoors so I work on two drills, mainly, to make myself ready for competition. I do a pre-shot routine on every shot like I would on a golf course and I’m working on my wedges. I work on a drill that my coach learned from Butch Harmon. It makes them fly better, (even into the nets!)

There is so much snow I can’t go outside, so I’m working on the rhythm and a few different things. In Scandinavia we have big indoors centres but if you don’t have one near you, you can look at your swing in the mirror.

Also, I’d recommend you find another hobby; what else can you do? I spend a lot of time with my Arctic pony and I find it helps to have something in your life other than golf.

For weekend golfers, accept the game you have for the first few weeks and then practise again! If you haven’t played for a few months just accept that’s how it’s going to be.

If you just relax for a few months, you will have a lot of energy and will be excited to play again. When you come back you will be raring to go!

Samantha Head (England): I would recommend looking at your diet because most people tend to put on weight over the winter and particularly Christmas. When you don’t play golf you’re not walking so you need to make sure that you don’t overeat so that you come back fit and well. Chipping also helps as well as working on all aspects of your short game.