Christina Kim, Diana Luna and Beatriz Recari pose at Piazza del Duomo in Milan

Christina Kim, Beatriz Recari and Diana Luna visited Milan city centre on Tuesday ahead of the Carta Sì Ladies Italian Open.

The glamorous golfers tried on diamonds at the Damiani boutique on Via Montenapoleone in Milan’s main designer fashion district. One necklace was worth 600,000 Euros.

They then saw some of the sights of the city, such as Milan Cathedral at Piazza del Duomo. Kim, from San Jose in California, USA, explained how she was having a great time.

“It’s early in the week but so far it’s been absolutely fantastic. Being able to come a few days early and visit, I spent Friday evening in Milan and went to Florence and Rome for a quick trip, just being able to immerse myself in the culture. The history, the culture, the architecture, of all the buildings, it drips with culture and it’s just beautiful. I would love to retire here in Italy when I’m done.”

Luna, from Rome, who won two tournaments back to back earlier this year, added: “It’s very, very special because I’m in my own country and everybody is very involved in the tournament, myself as well. I really want it to be a nice event for Italy because they have made a big effort to make this event possible. I would love this tournament to be special for everybody: me first, but then for all the other players. I think the fact that we are here in here in Damiani in Milan centre: it’s making Italy a bit more special for the other girls.”

After trying on a set of jewels worth almost 1 million Euros, the Finnair Masters champion Recari was excited about the tournament ahead.

“I’m feeling very confident because I’ve had great results. I’m improving after each tournament and I’m able to spot different things that I have to improve on,” she said.

The Carta Sì Ladies Italian Open takes place from Thursday 15th to Saturday 18th October, at Le Rovedine Milano Golf Club in Milan.