Why is The Solheim Cup a special tournament?

Because it’s a team event and it’s the only time you represent not only your country but also your continent. It’s not your score, no matter how you play you have to win your point and it’s different to how we play all year so more fun.

Why are you looking forward to The 2015 Solheim Cup?

I want to see Europe win again.

What is your favourite Solheim Cup memory of all-time?

Each time you see Europe win it’s a great memory but as far as playing, my first one when I teed up in my first match with my friend Ludivine (Kreutz). That was special and there were a lot of good moments.

Who would you really like to play with from Europe if you qualify and why?

 I’d like to play with Mel Reid or Holly Clyburn, I think that would be fun, but it’s a long way to go.

Who would you really like to face from the USA and why?


Predicted winning score:

I don’t care as long as Europe wins.

What would it mean for Europe to win three in a row?

That will mean that over six years Europe have played better than the US.