After three months away from Tour golf, some of the more famous names of the Ladies European Tour were difficult to recognise after some radical changes in the hair salons during the winter.

European number one Paula Marti is perhaps the most striking of converts, ditching the blonde tresses in favour of a plum coloured tint. Australia’s Cherie Byrnes went from a glossy auburn to a delicate sun-kissed blonde. Holland’s Nienke Nijenhuis opted for a two tone ash blonde/strawberry blonde rinse and two time winner last year Iben Tinning has opted for sultry lowlights to compliment her spiky brunette locks.

Even some of the caddies have taken a dip into the peroxide bottle, most notably Maria Hjorth’s boyfriend Shaun McBride, who has gone for the full on ‘Eminem’ spiky platinum blonde look – but he’ll be the first to admit he can’t rap!