Melissa Reid, Laura Davies, Diana Luna, Anja Monke and Florentyna Parker takes us through some of their favourite holes on the Majlis course at Emirates Golf Club ahead of the 2011 Omega Dubai Ladies Masters.   

Hole 1

405-yard par 4

Anja Monke: On this opening par 4 it is vital to find the fairway with the drive. You should come in as high as possible to the elevated green, which is very well protected by a bunker in front. The green itself slopes from back to front.

Hole 2

331-yard par 4

Diana Luna:  This short par 4 is a nice birdie hole. You need to stay on the left side of the fairway with your tee shot, to have the best angle in with your approach shot. The green is wide but not too long, so you need to accurately judge the distance of your second shot.

Hole 3

451-yard par 5

Florentyna Parker: A tee shot down the left hand side of the fairway will be rewarding as you can then easily reach the heavily bunkered green in two. This hole is a definite birdie chance. I have great memories of this hole which I eagled on the last day!

Hole 4

168-yard par 3

Melissa Reid: This is a great opening par 3 especially when the pin is tucked back right. The green slopes left to right and with water on the right it is an intimidating hole, especially because it’s a really tough up and down from the left.


Hole 5

412-yard par 4

Anna Nordqvist: I think this is one of the toughest but also best holes on the golf course. Usually the rough is pretty thick so it requires a good drive in the fairway in order to carry all the water in front of the green with a mid or a long iron.

Hole 6

362-yard par 4

Diana Luna:  Long hitters have a large advantage on this par 4, by cutting the right side with the driver. This green is very long and narrow, with some slopes, so you need to be very accurate with your approach shot, to avoid the long bunker on the right side, or the thick rough on the left.  

Hole 7

173-yard par 3

Anja Monke: This very pretty par 3 over water offers a big green to hit your iron shot into. A short flag brings the water in play.

Hole 8

389-yard par 4

Laura Davies: This is a very, very good driving hole. You need to hit a good drive and the second shot is always one club more than you think, so if you’re thinking of a four-iron it’s probably a five-iron because it plays very much uphill. It’s probably the hardest hole on the course.

Hole 9

398-yard par 4

Melissa Reid: A fantastic hole. You can either lay up in front of the water with a 5 wood and leave yourself a long second shot in over the water, or take the dogleg on with a driver which needs to be hit perfect but takes all the trouble out of play if you hit a great drive. Toughest hole on the course I would say, but probably my favourite hole.


Out: 3089 par 35


Hole 10

523-yard par 5

Florentyna Parker: This mostly plays as a three shot-ter. After hitting a good tee shot to a generous fairway it’s very important to leave yourself with a good yardage for your approach shot: a definite birdie chance!


Hole 11

149-yard par 3

Diana Luna: This par 3 is not very long, but the green is well protected by bunkers. As the tee is sheltered, you need to be careful about the wind direction, as sometimes wind can affect the ball flight much more than you expect. 


Hole 12

366-yard par 4

Anja Monke: The slight dogleg to the left on this par 4 needs a solid iron shot on the high green. The green is sloped towards the front and offers some tricky putts.


Hole 13

540-yard par 5

Anna Nordqvist: Hole 13 is usually a three shot hole, but the long hitters can take a chance by cutting the corner on the left in order to have a chance to reach it in two. A great hole and a good chance for birdie! :)

Hole 14

400-yard par 4

Laura Davies: This is a risk reward hole. If you hit a good enough drive, you have a risky second shot but its downhill with water all down the right but it’s worth going for with your second shot.

Hole 15

160-yard par 3

Florentyna Parker: A great par 3, hitting medium to long iron depending on the wind and pin position. The green is very long and narrow, protected by a waste area and rough: always delighted to make a 3 here. 

Hole 16

351-yard par 4

Anna Nordqvist: H

ole 16 has a challenging tee shot with a 3-wood or a driver. You have to place it on the right side on the fairway in order to have a clear shot into the green. Another great birdie opportunity! 


Hole 17

332-yard par 4

Laura Davies: I love this hole but it’s a shame it’s not further forward off the tee. It’s a fun hole and the men play it further forward and they can drive it. It’s not a reachable tee shot and the second always plays very tricky. Most people play down the right because the palm trees are in the way. It’s normally a 3-iron and a wedge for me.

Hole 18

515-yard par 5

Melissa Reid: A great finishing, risk and reward hole. You take the driver inside the tree line and you can get up in two! It’s never over until it’s over on this hole, because when the pin is at the front it’s a tough pitch as too much spin can put it in the water!


In: 3336 yard par 37

Total: 6425 yard par 72