Sweden’s Solheim Cup star Caroline Hedwall finished a stroke behind the winner Rebecca Artis at last year’s Helsingborg Open. The local player, who lives just a 15 minute drive from the Vasatorp golf course, talks about being the home favourite and how she is regaining confidence with her driver after an errant spell.

Since we last saw you, where have you been?

I live here in Helsingborg, so this is where I have my base and I always come home to Sweden now and again.

You don’t have a US base?

No. I try to plan my schedule and go there for two or three weeks and then come back for two weeks because I have my whole team in Sweden.

Last year you almost won this. How do you feel coming back?

Even though I wanted it to end in a different way, I still feel very comfortable being here and I love Vasatorp and it’s a great golf course. My main club is Barsebäck which is 30 minutes from here and now and then I come and hit a few golf balls here but most of the time I spent at Barsebäck.

When was your last tournament?

Two weeks ago. I have been home for one week before this week. I was down practising with my swing coach at Barsebäck. I feel good and I’m looking forward to the start of the tournament. I played nine holes on Monday and nine holes yesterday and the Pro-Am today. I feel like I’m going to be ready to go.

Do you stay at home during this tournament?

My place is 300 metres from the hotel so I stay at home.

Is it different to other events?

Of course, I have my own couch to hang out in and my own bed. I kind of like it because it feels nice! I have plenty of friends coming to watch me and my family and people from my golf club. It’s always fun to have the crowd supporting you so I’m looking forward to it.

What have you been working on with your coach lately?

Mostly on my driver because I’ve been spreading it, so just trying to get that set and hopefully I can hit it well this week.

What about the putting and the irons?

I feel okay with the rest of my game. With my driver, my misses are way too big so that’s why I’m trying to get back on the fairway. I feel like my iron game and my putting is good enough to be up there again. Driving has always been a strength of my game and tee to green, but now I can’t put myself into play as usual so hopefully I can get back into the same form.

Do you think there is a difference from your game 12 months ago around the time of The Solheim Cup?

Apart from my driver I think my game is better and I’m putting better but my confidence is not as good and that’s a big part of golf. Hopefully I can gain some confidence this week and play well.

In this golf course, is driving very important?

Well the fairways are quite wide, so that’s going to help me. But it’s always an advantage to hit it far and if I can start hitting it fairly straight again it should work well for me. I’m just looking forward to the tournament.

What are your plans for next week’s tournament?

I’m having a couple of weeks off and then the Asian swing starts on the LPGA Tour.

Do you still feel very Swedish?

Yes, I do.