Cassie just shot a 6 under par 66. You shared the lead with Karen Lunn, who is still on the course. You must be very pleased with the way you played?


Yeah, I’m really happy because already last week I had a hard time being with my swing, after a long travel day of 24 hours. It was really tough to just feel the rhythm and especially for a first tournament. Today, I don’t know, it just felt better, and I had my rhythm going and I was just putting all my shots pretty close, and making my putts, so it was quite easy actually, an easy day.


Were you in France for the winter?


I went to the south of France, because in Paris it was snowing for four weeks, so after a while I just needed to go somewhere where it’s not snowing any more.


Were you able to practice in that time?


Yeah, well in the south it was 12 degrees, whereas at home it was snowing.


Is your base normally Paris?


Yeah, St Nom la Breteche. It’s on the west side of Paris. Actually there was a tournament there, maybe three years ago, the Lancome Trophy.


Was it easier or tougher being in that first group this morning?


Yesterday when I knew about my tee time, at the time I was worried. I was like ‘Wow, 6:50 is really early’, but actually when I got out there this morning, I thought it was better because I had less wind and it was probably not as hot as the other girls.


Were you happy with the course this morning?


Yeah, really happy. Its in really good condition.


Is this your first trip down this way?


No, I came three or four years ago.


Did you play here that time?


Yes I did.


And how did you go then?


I think I missed the cut, I didn’t play very well.


Why did you come this time?

Because I just felt like I needed to come to Australia and play because, there are so many months of break, between Dubai and the first tournament in Morocco. So I thought I needed to come to Australia and practice.


Is it nice to be in here before lunchtime?


Yeah it’s very nice.


Last year, the start of the year, you missed a lot of cuts, and then in July you only missed one cut. What happened?


I don’t know, I often start the season not very good, I don’t know why. I’ve tried doing it a little bit different this year. And so yeah, I’ve missed a couple of cuts, but I think they were only by one or two strokes, so I knew it was really close and then I lost my best friend, so it was a really tough time. I think it helped me see golf a little bit differently, I don’t get as frustrated, and I am more calm, just take it more easy I guess.


Was that a childhood friend or a golfing friend?


Ah yeah, through golfing… Erica Blasberg.


That was an awful business.


Yeah, but that is how it is, I turn the page now.


What’s the big thing tonight? What do you say to yourself to come out tomorrow to follow this round up?


I’m just going to do what I did today. My caddy is really good actually; he’s a professional from France. I know him from France, but he is practising here during the winter. And he was really good for my mental and he got me in a good rhythm, he’s really good for me. So I’m just going to go out there and play my game, like how I did today, I’m not really going to think about the score.


How did you meet Erica?


We went to college together. We shared rooms together at the University of Arizona.


Same team obviously?


Yep, same team. She was number one in the CAA in the two years she was there.


What were you?


I was in the top 25. I don’t know exactly, what I was, but I played really well there.


What is your caddie’s name?


Rudy Thullier.


When you say he is practising down here, is he playing the challenge tournaments?


I think he is in the mini tour in France. And I think he might try and qualify for some tournaments here in Australia. He practices with coaches here, I don’t really know the names, but they are good coaches.


In Queensland?


Yeah, I think he may have one more north, but I’m not really sure.


Tell us about Eddie Cheever, what relation is he to you?


He is my uncle. He was a Formula One race car driver for a couple of years. And he had a team in the Indy Car. But now he stopped, and is more into endurance racing like the Rolex Cup.


Do you see him often?


No, not very often.


Have you been for a ride in the car with him?


Yeah, when I was really little. It was kind of crazy. My grandma hated for me to be in the car with him, because he would do 360s and things like that, it was pretty crazy.


Good fun?


Well yeah. When you’re a kid you don’t really realise how dangerous it is. Even though he knows how to do that with a car, it’s so easy for him.


You’ve never driven one?


No. It’s too hard. A formula one car, you cannot drive too much, you really need the muscles for it.


Have you lead a first round in a tournament before?


I lead in India, the end of last year, and maybe another time, in Turkey after the first round.