Just after the press conference at Yalong Bay GC

Are you a keen skier?
Yes, I can ski and I can snowboard, but lately I haven’t done it much anymore because it’s very dangerous.

What do you think about Sanya?
Very nice: I love it here! I would love to come here on holiday. It’s great weather and people are so friendly and helpful. The resort we’re staying at is great: I really enjoy it and the beach is nice. I went down for a little stroll. It’s a very enjoyable place.

Do you feel confident enough to win this tournament?
Every tournament I’m going in, if I play well and do what I can then I know I can win the tournament. As I said earlier, I was working so hard on my swing that the main goal for me was to see how it works. I’m already in preparation for next year because my iron game is not usually where it needs to be to win tournaments. I just came here with no expectations: just focusing on myself; focusing on my swing and trying to get it out there on the course.

What’s your best score in your career?
This one! Before, it was six under a few times.

Which is your favourite golf course?
I can’t really tell because each one is so different. To be honest I don’t have a favourite course as there are so many I really like.

How will you prepare for the next two rounds?
I’ll just go and hit a few more balls on the range for an hour or so and work on my swing a little bit. I’ll hit a few putts. I usually do that after every round, a cool down session, so I go to the range for half an hour and the putting green for half an hour and then do stretching at night in the room and then go into the next round.