Describe your round.
The front nine was really bad; I was one-over-par; I hit four greens and struggled. Then on the back nine I hit every green and gave myself birdie opportunities. I had four birdies on the back nine.

How do you assess your 69?
It was very mixed. The front nine was awful and the back nine was great. I struggled on the front nine, didn’t hit many greens and was one over par. On the back nine I hit every green and gave myself good birdie opportunities and made four.

How does it feel to be on the top of the leader board again?
It’s nice. I can’t ask for more. So far I’ve played well and scored well so hopefully I can do it again.

What do you think your strength has been here at Yalong Bay Golf Club?
I’ve hit a lot of fairways and not been in much trouble. I’ve taken some birdie opportunities.

How confident are you feeling about your chances for a second victory this season?
I don’t know. I’ll have to see how it goes. I’m feeling good at the moment so it depends how the others play but I can’t influence that so I’ll just keep playing my game and I’m confident enough that I can win as I’ve already done so. We’ll see.

What was the difference between the first round and the second? Did you practise?
Of course I practised before the round. I always practise before the round. Its normal: it happens: one day you shoot really low and then the next day usually not so well. I lost my touch and after nine holes, I was like: okay, concentrate. I knew what I was doing wrong, so I thought, we’ll try it another way and it worked. Then I played the same, like I did yesterday.

What sort of score are you hoping for tomorrow?
I don’t know. I just hope similar to the last two days, something around that would be great.

What was the best part of your game on the back nine?
My irons were a lot better and I was giving myself birdie opportunities so I was quite near. So my irons were good and I holed the putts. I mean, I should have birdied nine holes. I obviously missed a few putts but it’s normal. I had good chances on the back nine.

What is your impression of the golf course?
I really like the golf course. You need to hit the fairway. The rough is very thick and hard to control the ball on the green. It’s a very nice course.

Do you think the course is too long?

What is your strength as a player?
My strength is I’m quite long and straight off the tee, so that gives me a good opportunity to hit the ball close, on the greens.

What will you focus on before tomorrow’s round?
Obviously the putting is very important so I’ll be doing some putting and hitting a few chips.

Could you describe your golf career?
I had my first win this year in June in Holland. I’ve had four other top tens. I’m number 11 on the money list. I was second on rookie of the year last year so it’s my second season as a professional.

When do you think you will get your next win?
I don’t know. I mean, I’ve given myself a great opportunity for tomorrow, so I’ll try and take that chance. I will see how Stefi does this afternoon and if she’ll be leading or behind. You have to take every chance you get, because you don’t know when you’ll be back in that situation.
When I won in Holland, I was two shots ahead going into the final round, so I don’t mind either leading or trailing.

How do you practise?
I don’t do too much. Some girls are there from morning ‘till evening but I practise maybe three hours a day. I hit as many balls as I want, I don’t have a limit. As long as I enjoy it, then I’ll practise, but if I say, this isn’t working then I’ll stop.

Have you been to China before?
I played last year in Suzhou. I’ve been to Hong Kong many times.

Who is your coach?
My father is my coach.

Do you know Martin Kaymer?
Yes, but we’re not friends. I live in Germany.

When did you first play golf?
When I was nine. I played tennis before.

Are there many other good players in Germany?
Yes. There are a few more players coming up. The Germans have a strong system for amateurs and they will have a lot of good players soon.

How do you deal with bad situations on the course?
I’m quite easy on the course; I’m very relaxed so I don’t really do much. I just play on.

Why do you represent your own official website?
So that I get more hits, more attention on me!

Do you have sponsors?
I have two sponsors: a bank and an investment company.

When you go abroad, who handles things and pays for the tickets?
I do that.