Gwladys Nocera, France (Winning score -29)

How does it feel to be a record breaker?
It feels good! I tried to make birdie on 18 but I stayed short on so many putts today. It’s okay.

Can we have some general comments about your week?
I had a lot of fun this week and I really enjoyed the course. I liked the greens; I could see the lines really well this week and I enjoyed it. I had a great time.

Was it nice to have a walk in the park today?
Yes, it was nice.

How much were you thinking about breaking the record?
I was thinking about the record a lot but at the beginning I just tried to stay focused on my game because it’s not good to think about the score too much. I just wanted to play my best.
It’s probably much better than I expected. I really didn’t think I could shoot that low when I came here so it feels good.

Have you ever played better than this?
It’s hard to tell but I’ve had days when I hit the ball better. I’m playing well right now and I can put everything together. Sometimes you hit the ball but you can’t make a putt and sometimes it’s the other way around but I played really well this week and everything was combined. I have played better but I am playing pretty well right now.

Have you ever played so much better than the others?
You can’t comment on just one week. There are so many girls who can win a tournament and I knew that today.

How many more wins do you think you can earn?
Well there are five more tournaments to go so I’m going to try to win five of them. As long as I give my best it’s fine. I don’t know how many we can win.

How do you feel about the record?
I tried to hit 30-under but I stayed short on 18. It was hard at the end of the round to stay concentrated because I knew it was over. I guess walking down 17 I was thinking about it a bit.

How does this victory compare to the others?
It’s good because it’s my fourth one of the season and it means a lot to me. It means that I’m playing consistent and that is my main goal: to be consistent and play for as long as I can at the top level. I’m going to the French Open next week and it’s good for the confidence.

Do you keep track of records? Marie-Laure de Lorenzi won seven tournaments in a year. Do you think you can beat that?
I only have five tournaments to go so I think it’s going to be hard. I keep track of some things but I don’t want to think about it. I’m making my own records.

At the beginning of the week you said it was a warm up for France. What will you take from this?
I hit the ball better and better each day and my putting is good so I take only good things. It is good because I played relaxed and I think that is the key for me. That is going to be the aim next week: to stay in the same state of mind.

Your friends soaked you in champagne…
It is funny because on the fairway I said to my caddie Raf it would be fun to have champagne today because it’s my fourth one.

What are you going to do tonight?
I’m going to watch the Ryder Cup with my friends and hopefully there will be a good victory for the Europeans.

How did you make the bogey on the fifth?
I hit my three wood a little bit on the right into the rocks so I couldn’t go for the green and I had to lay up.

Felicity Johnson, England (Finished third on -17)

How pleased are you with the result?
I would have taken it at the start of the week so this has given me a lot of confidence for the last two events. I’m chuffed to bits with it really.

How did you play today?
I played well today without doing anything special. I still feel I left a couple of shots out there. I had a couple of three putts; one on 12, the par three for bogey, and one on 17 for par, which was disappointing. The end result was good so I would have taken it at the start of the week.

How did you make bogey on 18?
I hit a drive right and a good second shot in but got a bit of flier into the back bunker and didn’t get up and down.

What will you take from this performance?
This has given me some confidence for France and Madrid and hopefully I will go a step further next time.