Q: How well do you know the European Captain Helen Alfredsson?

VERONICA ZORZI: We played together in the Evian Masters last year and also in the Dubai Ladies Masters. She said “I would like to have you in the team”. We’ll see. She has three wildcards so maybe I will get in. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Q: Do you think she might choose you as a pick if you don’t qualify through the rankings?

VERONICA ZORZI: I hope so! We’ll see. If my game is okay then why not?

Q: Are you a good matchplay competitor?

VERONICA ZORZI: Yes, I like match play.

Q: Do you think you’re playing well enough to make the team at the moment?

VERONICA ZORZI: I’m playing well. The only thing that could be letting me down is my putting but for example today I just saw the line and made a good stroke and it worked.

Q: When you played with Helen Alfredsson in Dubai, did she give you any indication as to whether you would make the team or not?

VERONICA ZORZI: It’s a secret! I don’t want to say! She said to me, “I enjoyed playing with you and you have a great game so I would like you to be in my team.” So we’ll see.

Q: In America do you stay alone most of the time?

VERONICA ZORZI: I know Giulia Sergas very well. We have been friends for a long time. She is the only player that I know there. It is hard because there are 53 players who are Koreans and a lot don’t speak English. The culture is also very different.

The European Solheim Cup Team will be announced on the 21st August in Sweden and competition for places is very tough. You can check the latest rankings on the following websites: ladieseuropeantour.com (click on “The Solheim Cup” link) and www.solheimcup.golf.se.