We’d like to thank Laura for coming in. Tonight she is going to be awarded with life membership of the ALPG. Is that a secret?

Warren Sevil: It was.

You said you have never played Metropolitan before. Did you play this morning?

I practised but not on the course. I have not seen it yet. I will see it tomorrow in the pro-am.

Do you know what number trip this is to Australia.

It is No. 19. Last week was my 18th Ladies Masters. Before that I played in the World Cup in Cairns.

You will be playing the first round with Katherine Hull and Tamie Durdin. Katherine says she is looking forward to it.

I think she is a great girl. She is obviously playing very well. I think before last week’s win she was second and second the week before that. She is on a really good roll, coming off America last year. And Tamie Durdin played well last week as well. It will be good

How are you playing?

It is not quite there at the moment. I am not holing putts. Last week I finished before I started with seven over on the first day. I hit a couple of very poor shots. I got the windy conditions. I played 14 holes quite well. In the second round I putted quite well and made the cut. It was important to do that. And on the weekend I made nothing. My ball striking is nearly there. I have just been on the range for an hour and a half. I have slowed down the tempo of the swing a bit. I think that is going to help.

Your year last year was okay.

Yes, I won three times, in New South Wales, Austria and the King Hussein Trophy in Morocco.

Where are you, in terms of your career? Are you still motivated?

Absolutely. I would not travel down to Australia if I wasn’t. I came down here trying to win four tournaments. I’ve played three and I’m struggling a bit. I have not really had a crack at any of them. This is my last chance. I will step up to the plate this week.

Do you expect to remain competitive for the next few years?

Yes. At the end of the year last year in Dubai it was probably as good as I’ve played in the last 20 years. I did not win because I putted so badly again. If I can get the whole combination going, there is no reason why I can’t win.

Why was it so good last year?

It was just confidence. I played well in the Hussein Trophy and I played well in Australia. In a few other tournaments towards the end of the year I had a chance to win. Now I have had four week off. I can’t quite get on a roll at the right time.

What did you have four weeks off?

Because there were no tournaments. Dubai was in December and we did not come down here until the middle of January. All of a sudden there are windy conditions and I am struggling a bit.

Did you lose confidence last week?

Yes, if you shoot seven over. That was my joint worst round ever around Royal Pines. I was very disappointed last week because I fancied my chances. I changed putters on the Saturday morning and shot 67. Hopefully the new putter is going to make the difference this week.

Can you press the restart button this week?

Absolutely. That is why I came and practised this morning. I’ll see the course tomorrow in the pro-am. I love this style of golf course. If you hit bad shots you go in bunkers and trees. You don’t go out of bounds and there aren’t masses of water hazards all over the place. It is proper golf, in my opinion. I did not do well at Kingston Heath last year but I really enjoyed it.

Do you have any goals for the year that are different to other years?

No, I start the year with zero dollars with everyone else in America and I want to finish in the top 10 on the money list. It might sound unrealistic, considering I was about 96th last year. The year before I was 24th and had a decent year, although not quite what I wanted. But I still think I am good enough to be in the top 10.

Do you think you can do that this year?

Yes, otherwise there is no point in being here. There is no point coming down to Australia and trying to win tournaments here and get confidence to take to America. It is about the whole year, to set my schedule to have a really good run of good tournaments