Lisa’s Scorecard:

Hole 3, 151 yard par 3: birdie – eight-iron to three metres
Hole 6, 157 yard par 3: birdie – eight-iron to two metres
Hole 7, 425 yard par 4: birdie – nine iron to 40cm
Hole 8, 174 yard par 3: birdie – six-iron to 1.5 metres
Hole 9, 451 yards par 5: birdie – seven-iron to 15 metres, two putts
Hole 12, 506 yard par 5: birdie – 52 degree wedge to 4 metres
Hole 13, 180 yard par 3: birdie – 5-iron to 1 metre
Hole 14, 362 yard par 4: birdie – 56 degree wedge to half a metre
Hole 15, 162 yard par 3: birdie – eight-iron to five metres
Hole 17, 434 yard par 5: birdie – second shot to four metres, two putts
Hole 18, 476 yard par 5: birdie – chip to one metre

You have equalled the LET 18-hole record with minus 11. How does that feel?

It feels great. I actually thought the record was 15. I thought Annika had shot 15-under once. It feels wonderful. The game was great out there today. I didn’t make any mistakes and the few I made I had a really good score anyway. It has been one of those days.

Your accuracy with the irons seemed spot on. How far would you agree?

I’ve been working hard on my swing over the last couple of months. I’ve been waiting for it all to click and it started in Ireland last week. I had a bad finish but I came here with a really good feeling, especially with my irons.

What have you been working on?

I’ve been working on my swing; mostly my backswing, to use my wrists a little bit more on the way back. It’s taking quite a long time to get that operated in.

Who is your coach?

Marcus Brown. He is from my home town, Aalborg. He is from my old club before I moved to Lubker Golf Resort. I’ve been working with him for 14 years.

Your caddie is a professional golfer, Jo Clingan. How much does that help?

It helps a lot. I hired her because I really need someone to help me read the putts because I’m not really confident on it. She is a fantastic putt reader so I really enjoyed that. I give her nearly all the credit.

Is Jo a full-time caddie for you now?

She is until August and then she is going to go on the SAS Masters Tour before going to qualifying again.

To what in particular would you credit this round?

Just hard work and then it all finally fell together at the same time.

Has it been frustrating waiting for your second LET win?

It’s been frustrating because I feel like I have been working really hard, harder than I ever had, and then it was frustrating to not get anything out of it. As my coach said, I just had to be patient. It’s hard to be patient in golf because you really want to see some results and there’s only yourself to blame. I’ve kind of just waited for it all to fall together and that’s what happened today.

Do you think you can shoot another eleven under tomorrow?

I don’t think so. I’ll try and do the same. I don’t have any hopes for a minus eleven tomorrow but I’ll try to keep it going.