You finished at 12 under today. I think you must like the course.


I do like the course. I played here last year for the first time and I finished tied for eighth. So I knew coming in what the course was like. The key is sinking putts and I did that today.


You closed with a birdie?


Yeah, I was a little frustrated coming down the last few, because I was six under through 12 and kind of missed some short putts. I made about a ten-footer on the last hole so that was huge going into the weekend.


What about your start? You had five under yesterday, and six under today. How do you approach the weekend now?


I think I’ve just got to go do the same thing. Got to keep my thoughts, I think that’s the key. Yesterday that was the key, because I played really well, and it was pretty windy yesterday afternoon. That five under yesterday I think was a better round than today. I like my position now.


Can you tell us about the eagle on the third hole? How far was the putt there?


It was about 15 feet.


How’d you get it in there?


A little 3 wood. I’m hitting it further this time than I was last year.


Why do you think that is? Have you done something with you swing, are you working on something in particular there?


I’ve been working on my swing. I’ve been working out a lot, lifting weights, and it’s just been kind of over the past year that I have increased distance.


Do you still have to worry about your back?


No not really. That’s the reason why I worked out, to keep my back healthy and so as long as I’m stretching and working out and taking care of it then I’m fine.


What was the problem?


I have Scoliosis. They found it when I was 11. I wore a brace, until I was 18 to prevent me from having surgery, but I’m probably going to end up having surgery anyway. I’ve got five screws in my back, but they don’t really bother me.


Do you set off alarms at airports?



It doesn’t go off in security. That would be really annoying.


Is that a condition that you will have to manage throughout your golfing career?


Yeah, its always going to be there. It is definitely much better then how it was before. I have to be more careful than everybody else. I take Mondays off and try to take it easy when I can. It’s always going to be there so I just have to deal with it.


When did you start playing golf?


When I was eight.


So how tough were those years, when you obviously did have an injury?


Wearing this brace, I had to wear it 15 hours a day, so golf was my way of getting out of having to wear the brace. So it was kind of why I started playing, just so I could get out of the brace.


So you were playing golf the whole way through this?


Yeah I played golf the whole time. The doctors said that it actually probably helped, because it helped keep the muscles and everything moving and loose and made the surgery easier.


Most golfers develop back injuries and you’re trying to get over a back injury by playing golf.


My trainer actually says that she thinks my back is probably a lot healthier than other people’s because I take care of it a lot better. Everyone has injuries and things they have to do with them.


Where does your future lie?


I can play as long as I want to.


Not about your back, about your career as a professional golfer right now?


It’s been good. I would’ve loved to have won more by now. But I’ve learned so much along the way that I’m a much better player then I was two years ago when I turned pro. I’m pretty happy with it so far.


You’re heading to Singapore then Thailand as well?




Do you enjoy the women’s tour? The girls these days are seeing the world. You played in 10 or 11 different countries last year.

I think when you’re young it is a little bit easier. I love it. I went to six different continents last year. I was all over the place. I love travelling the world and seeing new places. The way the game has become so global, you have to go where everyone is playing.


You’ve been around for awhile, but you’re still young, can you tell us how old you are?


I’m 25. I’ll be 26 next week. On Wednesday.


Do you think you can win?


I think I can. I’m in a good position so far, as long as those putts keep going in, I’ll be up there.


You’re not daunted by Webb or Tseng?


You see Karrie and the amount of times her name is up there, you are kind of chasing her tail a little bit, but I don’t know… I think I could win this thing.