You waited five years for your second victory and less than a week for your third. How does that feel?

I can’t believe it; just a few days. It’s incredible because honestly, I really didn’t expect that, especially after three putts on the 18th. I was really sure that I needed a birdie or even an eagle, because there were no leader boards. I didn’t know that she was 11-under. I thought she was 12-under as well as I was. It was very surprising. I thought I had lost, actually, on 18 when I missed my putt. I was told she was 11-under and I was preparing to go to the playoff so I really didn’t expect that. It is difficult when you have no leader boards to know. It’s really bizarre.
I did play very well but not as well as yesterday. I made some mistakes and twice made three putts. I had one very bad bogey at 16, which is a par five, so you know what I mean. I didn’t expect that after so many mistakes I could actually win.

How will you celebrate?

Finally! I’m going back to Cannes and I will enjoy my week off with my husband. I will celebrate that.

Do you think you can win a third title in a row in Spain?

Of course! Who knows! Hopefully. I have a week off now too.

Your mum Gloria comes to most tournaments. What role does she offer?

Not all tournaments but this year, yes, it’s true. I think I will bring her more often. It’s nice to have somebody who loves you with you to support you.

Conditions were very different in Norway from in Ireland, weren’t they?

Yes, very different. Not so windy, apart from yesterday afternoon, and I was in a good draw.

Why did the Italians do so well here?

I don’t know. I’m playing well and in very good shape. I was not expecting to do well but I was thinking that I could do well on this course with so many birdie opportunities.

You are in a good position to qualify for The Solheim Cup. How far is that a goal?

Of course it would be so nice to play The Solheim Cup. Of course I am thinking about that but I just want to concentrate on playing good golf.

How do you feel about your chances for the next three tournaments?

I’m in very good shape and this week off will be very good for me because I have been feeling a little bit tired the last few days. This week off will be very, very good and finally I can celebrate with my husband.