VCI European Ladies Golf Cup
La Sella Golf Resort, Spain 3-6 April 2008
Sunday 6th April 2008
Final round quotes

Team England (Trish Johnson and Rebecca Hudson)

Trish, well done. It was a good decision not to go to the Nabisco.
Trish Johnson: I always knew it was a good decision not to go to the Nabisco.
We’ve had a great week, we really have. Today was just fantastic. It was close, it was very close. Obviously we didn’t see what Anja and her partner (Martina) were doing. We saw the scores. The two Belgian girls were absolutely fantastic. They deserve better than what they got actually in the end but they played great and they pushed us all the way.

Hole 15 was big wasn’t it, Rebecca?
Rebecca Hudson: The par four down the hill. I put my drive into the bunker so the shot into the green I got it into 35 foot, Trish’s length for the week every day. It was good.

You really have gelled. Do you think you’ve got a new partner for Solheim Cup here, Trish?
Trish Johnson: If I’m in it, yeah! No doubt she’ll be in it. I’ll be trying to get in the next one. That is some of the best golf that certainly I have ever played. When you play foursomes, a perfect example was on the par three and we’ve got two putts the same length, she is so calm over a three or four footer that it made me think “I am going first because I know I’ll leave it three or four foot and I know you’re going to hole it!”When you’ve got confidence in your partner like that it’s fantastic. We gelled perfectly.

What happened at the eighth, Rebecca?
Rebecca Hudson: I put my head covers on the wrong clubs. I hit what I thought was a seven-wood and it was all over the pin. Then it was flying past the pin as I looked and saw it was my three wood. Bad mistake. Luckily I’ve got Trish there to back me up and hopefully it will never happen again. I’ll always not look at my golf clubs and see what they are.
Trish Johnson: It was a pretty basic mistake mind!

You almost holed in one from the 17th tee.
Rebecca Hudson: That was my best strike of the day. I was really pleased with that one.

Trish, a great way to start the season.
Trish Johnson: It’s fantastic. It’s nice to start off with a win. You’re not always playing catch up. We both wanted to say that, no doubt she’ll kill us for saying this, but obviously Kirsty (Taylor) has not been very well and she would have been playing. We both wish her all the best and can’t wait to see her back out here. I think that goes for everyone on the Tour.

Rebecca, what does this mean for you in terms of your golfing career?
Rebecca Hudson: From when I was little I’ve watched Trish so to get the chance to play, in such a bad situation with Kirsty not being able to play, I’ve got to look at it in that I was very fortunate but we all do wish our best to Kirsty.
For me, I’ve just enjoyed the whole week and knowing that Trish was always going to be there or there abouts was just great.

How has your back held out?
Rebecca Hudson: It’s a bit sore. I just need to rest it again and be sensible now ready for the Spanish and play my season sensibly. I’ve got five days to recuperate and then Catalonia and then the Spanish.