Jacqueline Hedwall – holed the winning putt

Q. Can I ask you, Caroline and Jacqueline, what it’s like playing with your twin? I’m sure you don’t get many opportunities to play together.
Caroline Hedwall: We actually played the Swedish team championship together, so we had some experience playing together and just think it’s very fun. I trust her. It’s great.

Q. This is for Stephanie. I’m just wondering how much knowledge you had of the opposing team and just your thoughts on how they played.
Kono: Well, coming into this tournament, I didn’t really know anything about any of the girls. Yesterday I played in two matches, and both times the European team played really well, and I was very impressed, and I just think they’re very solid. They have great games. And today they just — they were just able to make a couple more putts than we were and — but those weren’t easy putts. They were very long. I think they deserved to win when they made putts like that.

Q. For the European players. I’m wondering how many of you plan on playing college golf in the U.S.? How about you, Henrietta?
Brockway: I plan to hide away this winter and work on my game a lot. Next year I’m going see how it goes, thinking of either the second part of the year, the Tour school. Obviously, seriously, it all depends on how I’m feeling. If I’m not feeling great about it, then, yeah, I’ll see how I’m feeling but hopefully turning professional next year.

Q. Can I ask who holed the win putt? (Laughter). Which one of the twins are you?
Jacqueline Hedwall: Jacqueline.

Q. Are you in the Curtis Cup squad?
Brockway: I’m not a hundred percent clear on it, to be honest with you. I know I’m playing a match this year in October. But to be honest, I’m not sure of the situation.

Q. Why would it be foggy? They’ve probably written to you or they haven’t. Have they not?
Brockway: It was mentioned. I haven’t had a formal letter yet, but I’ll be finding out in October.

Q. Players who said they were going to play college golf, have any of you made a decision on where, or is that still up in the air?
Andrews: I asked them that in the car. They both have three schools they’re going to visit, so they have not made a commitment yet.
Nilsmark: I’m sure they’re all thinking of somewhere really warm. Right?

Q. Can I ask Nicola about how woman’s golf, how the profile of women’s golf is growing in Germany particularly with players like Elisabeth Esterl and Bettina Hauert?
Rossler: In Germany it’s growing, but it’s not very much because, as they say in Germany, “You play golf first,” everyone looks at you, “Oh, you played golf?” And it’s growing. We get great support from the German Golf Federation, and it’s pretty good. But it’s not like — I saw it today on the course in Bästad there were like hundreds of girls playing golf, and in Germany you never have something like that. Or the twins told me that they have golf in their schedule at school, and in Germany you have — you get not so much support from school. So you have to — I get lots of school and some teachers even get, they say, “Oh, you play golf again?” They’re not very happy with that. I think you get not as much support as in other countries in Europe.

Q. Are you all going to be here and cheering on your respective teams from Friday onwards?
All: Yes, we are.
Q. Thank you very much for coming in, and good luck with your careers.