ISPS Handa and the Ladies European Tour

The International Sports Promotion Society (ISPS HANDA) and the Ladies European Tour (LET) began working together in 2012 to showcase the “power of sport,” with ISPS’s primary aspiration for golf to become included in the Paralympics. In 2014, ISPS HANDA was the title sponsor of three tournaments on the LET schedule, including the Ladies European Masters at the tour’s headquarters at Buckinghamshire Golf Club. In late 2014, ISPS HANDA became a strategic partner of the LET and the tour’s Official Charity.

ISPS is a ‘General Incorporated Association’ based in Tokyo. Founded by Japanese philanthropist, Dr Haruhisa Handa to support charitable causes throughout the sporting world. ISPS has fostered partnerships with golf governing bodies worldwide to help develop the game at every level and promote blind and disabled golf.

ISPS’s heritage in supporting blind and disabled golf and Dr Handa’s commercial and philanthropic investment in golf has formed the foundation of its wider mission for golf to become a Paralympic sport.