We look at the notable holes at Yalong Bay Golf Club ahead of the 2011 Sanya Ladies Open.

Hole 2, par 4, 426 yards.

Number two plays as a long par four, with a big dog leg right and is a good test. It’s a long shot into the green and playing from the left side of the fairway gives the best angle into the green, but with water on the left it can be dangerous. However, a breeze from the left can be helpful.




Hole 8, par 4, 399 yards.

This is a fun par four that requires a tee shot left of the bunkers. The second shot depends on the pin position and wind direction. It could be a punch or a bump-and-run and offers a birdie chance, especially when playing downwind.





Hole 9, par 5, 487 yards.

Number nine is a long par 5 that is well bunkered and like number eight, offers a good birdie opportunity when playing downwind. If the wind is favourable, the green may be reachable in two shots.






Hole 10, par 4, 387 yards.

Number 10 is a picturesque hole that looks scary from the tee. The tee shot needs to be hit over the right side of a big bunker in front of the tee. The hole has been playing into the wind early during tournament week meaning the second shot is a long way in.







Hole 12, par 4, 345 yards.

Number 12 normally offers a good chance of a birdie but early in tournament week was playing into the wind. The green is large and well bunkered but with water behind a bunker to the right.







Hole 13, par 5, 503 yards.

Number 13 is picturesque par 5 and a long dog leg left wrapped around a lake. It is a test because of the water lining the fairway on the left and a straight tee shot to a narrow looking fairway is a must. A perfect second shot is required to reach the green in two.






Hole 16, par 5, 565 yards.

Number 16 is the signature hole on the course and offers risk-reward with a large lake protecting the green. The tee shot needs to be down the middle and long if the water is to be carried in two shots but otherwise it will be tough to score better than par.   

Hole 18, par 4, 410 yards.

Number 18 is a long par 4 which plays straight from tee to green but is well protected by bunkers. It’s a tough finishing hole with the two closest bunkers to the green on the course. The two front bunkers can come well into play.