You have shot rounds of five under and seven under to get a total of 12 under today and to share the lead. You must be very pleased with where you are placed at the half way point?


Yeah, I got off to a solid start yesterday and I saw the leader board was firing up this morning, so I knew I had to shoot a good one to be up there today.


Your eagle on the third got things rolling along, how did that come about?


I had about a 20 footer, left to right down the hill. I hit a long drive down there and then a rescue hit straight at the pin.


You’ve obviously got yourself in a comfort zone at the moment. Did you feel good coming into this week?


Too be honest no, I haven’t been swinging it that good. Last week I missed the cut. I was working on a few things with my coach. This week I have a good feeling about the golf course. Obviously having had low numbers here. I’ve never finished high up. I think my best finish is 20th. I’ve got good feelings about this course, I never really liked the greens, but I’m stroking so well at the moment, everything seems to be going in.


What was the change you’ve made the past few days?


It’s a little bit technical and a little bit of visualisation as well. I’ve just been working on the range after each round, and working on new fade shots, hitting it right to left. So just working on hitting some fades with my coach. I had a bit of anxiety, I guess you could say, over the last two rounds. I hadn’t really expected to be at the top of the leader board at all, and that’s probably why I’m there to be honest.


How were the conditions today, compared to yesterday morning?


It was pretty similar but not as hot yesterday morning obviously. I think we got the best end of the draw hitting off yesterday morning, and this afternoon. I think the winds dropped this afternoon and this morning I think it was raining. So definitely got the good side of the draw.


You father is your caddie this week. Do you like having him on the bag? Last time you said he could not read the greens.


This is very temporary. My boyfriend had to go home due to health issues. And Dad was a bit of a ring-in. So it’s just this week, and next week only. We are just enjoying it. It doesn’t come round very often so we are just having a bit of fun.


Will he be hard to put up with?


No not at all.


It was two years ago that you lead at the halfway mark at the Women’s Australian Open. How much better equipped are you to handle this tournament.


Obviously I’ve had a lot more experience since then. I’ve been in contention before and been able to finish it off. It will be different for me coming into the weekend. I’ve been up near the lead coming into the weekend here before, but I didn’t quite get to finish it off, so I have a few things to work on. I’m swinging it great. It’s probably the best I’ve swung in a while. There’s just one technical thing that’s getting to me. I’m stroking my best with the putter, so it’s a good feeling.


It’s still going to take a lot to win.


Oh, definitely. If they keep presenting the golf course the way it is, it’s just a birdie fest. With my length, I can get to all the par fives, so that’s a huge advantage for me, I think the only one I can’t get to is 12.


You’ve had 12 birdies in a round here two years ago, is that still the LET record?


Yep, in 2009.


With your Dad as caddie, is he still getting the same percentage?


Yep, same percentage he always got. Zero per cent.


You’ve established yourself in Europe now. Are you trying to get into the States? What are your long term plans?


I’m going to try again this year in the States. I’m playing in Europe and I’m going to stick to Europe this year, but I’m definitely going to go to qualifying school in September. But I’m not going to play any Future Tour events this year.


Have you applied yourself, as well as you can in the past few years? Have you had any distractions, been a little disinterested at times?


Yeah, I had a bit of a rough patch last year after a great first six months… I started to get a bit homesick. I’m a homebody so I like coming back to Australia. I think I stayed over in Europe a bit too long and something was wrong with the swing and I got down on myself and I lost a bit of confidence Iit was a huge learning curve for me. The last six months of last year I just came home and worked on my mental game a little bit, worked in the gym.


Have you had much to do with Stacey Lewis?


No. I know she is a great player. I remember when she was leading the US Open a couple of years ago. So I know of Stacey but I don’t know her.


Do you think you are at place with your game now, that if something was to go wrong technically that you could diagnose the problems in your swing?

Yes definitely I think I have a few tools that I can go to for in the swing if something starts to go left or right.