Diana Luna 66-68=134 (-10)

What was the secret today?
I think the secret today was that I kept very calm and confident despite two bogeys on the first few holes. I just had a par on home number 10 which was very reachable in two so it was not a great start. Then I had two bogeys in a row at 12 and 13. I had a chip and a putt and I think I coped very well with that.
I was just playing my golf and forgetting about the score. I had a birdie on the par five which was very reachable. I had a nice eagle on 17, which I missed yesterday. That was a very nice birdie and an eagle in a row.
I was two under after the first nine holes with two bogeys. I had another bad bogey with three putts on the hole number two. I think the secret was just staying calm and letting it go. I had fun like yesterday I didn’t think too much about what I was doing. I was just playing and enjoying it.
At 17 I was pretty close. 3 metres. I hit a very small five wood from 175 metres.

How pleased are you with your position right now?
I’m very happy but I just keep cool and hoping to have a nice round tomorrow. I’m hoping for many things but just trying to enjoy my golf.

What was the condition of the course like?
The course is getting better and better. With this fantastic day we had today it’s dried out and I think they coped really, really well to play 36 holes in the first two days. I think they did a great job to make this possible with the conditions that we had. I think they organised everything in the best way.
The sun was shining finally which was great for me as I love the sun. At least the sun is out which is much better than Wales last week!

Gwladys Nocera, France 69-66=135 (-9)

Can you talk me through your day please?
I played alright. I made some good putts in the beginning. I played well, putted well and made an easy eagle on the 17th. I hit a five iron from 161 metres to about two feet.

How are you playing?
I’m playing well. I’m hitting the ball better every day. I’m putting well and chipping good. I made a chip on home number 14. I’m playing good.

How have you been feeling over the last few weeks?
I didn’t hit the ball well in Wales but I tried to stay positive and I think that helped a lot because I shot good scores even if I didn’t hit the ball well. That’s all I’m trying to do.

What do you think about the fact that Helen Alfredsson has overtaken you on the New Star Money List?
I can only try to catch her up now. I think I need more than a couple of wins, it will be hard. She will come back and it will be a tough battle. Being beaten by the Evian Masters champion is an honour anyway. I will just have to try my best.

What do you think of the course here at Haga Golf?
It’s nice. Considering all the water that dropped here, it’s in pretty good shape. The greens are good and we are doing well with what we have. It’s not that bad. It’s pretty decent.

How are you going to approach tomorrow?
I will just go for it.

Lee-Anne Pace, South Africa 71-67=138 (-6)

How was your day and what went well?
My caddie and I had a really good game plan after yesterday. Yesterday unfortunately the putts didn’t drop but today they did. I played really well fairway to green. I hit 12 fairways and 15 greens so that makes it a bit easier and number 17 I hit in two. Like I said we had a really good game plan from the start. We hit the right places and the right places on the greens.

Had anything changed since yesterday?
No, everything was the same. All the tee boxes were the same so no, it played about the same length also. There was no roll on the fairways.

What do you think of the course?
I think it’s good. I think it’s really wet unfortunately. apart from that I think it’s a really good test. It’s a pity it’s a bit shorter than what it should be but I think the landing areas are all obviously washed away. I think it’s a good test and the greens are in excellent condition.

When was the last time you had a good round?
Portugal. I had two good rounds there.
This year my form has been a big improvement on last year first of all. It’s been really good and I’ve been working hard with my coach in Denmark. I’m feeling a lot more confident being out here this year and also with the swing changes that I’ve made. It’ getting better and it’s exciting.

When did you make your swing changes?
At the beginning of the year.

Who is your coach?
His name is James Petts. I’ve been working with him for a year now, since just before Q School last year. We work quite hard during the season and he’s helped tremendously. He’s very good. He works with Iben Tinning and Julie Tvede and Soren Hansen.

When did you come into golf?
I turned pro when I was 25 I think. I went to the States when I was 21 and I started playing when I was 18. So I guess that is quite late but I played hockey so it was quite easy to pick it up.

Kirsty Taylor, England 74-65= 139 (-5)

What is your reaction to today’s round?
I’m very pleased. This was a career best for me, so I’m very happy. And I made a three putt bogey on 16. Six birdies and an eagle. I’m unbelievably pleased.

What are you hoping for?
A top five would be nice tomorrow. Just to have a go tomorrow would be nice but we’ll see what happens. There are a lot of good scores to be shot put there I would say. It is playing lovely, really nice.

When was the last time you had a chance?
I think it was Holland but I blew that.
The last three weeks have been really hard for me because I’ve missed every cut and my confidence has been low. I’ve come into this week with a bit more confidence. I don’t know where I got it from but today I was feeling really confident so I was like a completely different golfer. This game is a game of confidence like Bob Rotella says really. It makes all the difference.

Do you have a psychologist?
No I don’t actually. I work out my own brain!

Lill Saether, Norway 71-70=141 (-3)

How was your day?
I started off good. I was four under and then I made two bogeys coming in. I missed two short putts. It feels great and I’m steady but I’m not trying to think too much about the short putts. Sometimes you miss.

Are you staying at home this week?
Yes. It’s very nice to stay in my own bed. It’s nice to be home. I can hang out with my friends in the evening and today I’m going to my sister’s wedding so that will be nice.