Maria Hjorth in the interview room

Maria Hjorth (Sweden)

What was the key to your round today?
I just felt really solid with my game all day. I felt really relaxed out there from the first hole. Yesterday I just tried to push it a bit too hard on the first seven, eight holes and the score didn’t really come. That was a big difference. I got a good feel for the greens today. I haven’t been making any putts for three or four events now so it’s great to finally get some going in.

How is the experience of playing at home in Sweden?
Of course you want to do well but you also have to look at it as just another place and be in your own zone and not think about it too much. Being in Sweden and playing here; it’s always great.

What did you do yesterday? Did you have a day off?
I kind of had a day off. I watched some movies in the morning and then I went to the gym and worked out. In the afternoon I went around with my family and did some shopping in the town. It was a pretty relaxing day.

How was the course?
There were spots where it was really, really wet but I don’t think it was too bad. You can always take a drop or at least we have preferred lies so that always helps. I didn’t think it was too bad.

How will you approach tomorrow?
I really have to look at today and see how relaxed and calm I was today. I will take that with me out there tomorrow and see what happens. There are a lot of great players trying to chase me and I will just see what I can do.

Tournament host Annika Sorenstam

How satisfied were you with the way you played today?
The play was okay but my score doesn’t reflect that. I had a few good chances out there and it would have been nice if a few putts had gone in. It seems like a big difference from the first day and today but I think overall it really wasn’t. It would have been nice to get a few more putts in but when you’re out there you do what you can do. I just have to go out there tomorrow with a fresh mind and be aggressive and play well.

What shape was the course in today after the rain?
It was wet, which is understandable. I think the crew has done a great job to make it playable. There were some huge puddles yesterday or lakes, on different fairways. Today there were some wet areas but overall the greens were very, very smooth.

How does a 24 hour break affect your routine and what did you do yesterday?
A 24 hour break doesn’t really change anything. I’ve done this long enough that I know what to do. I go by routine really. I was here for quite some time yesterday. I did a few things and then went back to the city and worked out and had a nice dinner.

You had some magnificent support there from the Swedish galleries. How does it feel to have that type of support?
I agree. It was very, very nice. A lot of them stayed for the whole round. The support has been fantastic. It’s always fun to come home: you really feel it. They started the wave on the last hole and it was kind of fun to see. I appreciate the support and all the cheering for sure.