(Cheshire, England July 21 2004) The Robe di Kappa Ladies European Tour (LET) announced today the appointment of Serafin Ibañez Bailey as the new Commercial Director. Ibañez Bailey, a 32-year-old from Barcelona in Spain, brings a vast array of experience and success from within the sports management industry, working closely with partnered sponsor brands, developing strategic business areas and goals in sponsorship, consultancy, event and direct marketing, brand communication and public relations. Ibañez-Bailey, who is also an Australian national, has developed a close relationship with various governing bodies, both nationally and internationally within sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Sailing, Aquatics and Motorsports. A post-graduate in Business Marketing, Ibañez Bailey speaks four languages fluently, Spanish, English, French and Italian and endeared himself to the LET membership by greeting them in each language at the recent Annual General Meeting. “The popularity and growth of the women’s game is stronger than ever and the sport is now a more appealing proposition in the business world,” said Ibanez Bailey. “I am enthusiastic, motivated and looking forward to being part of the ambitious project development of the LET. I am convinced the Tour has great potential and we are currently developing a road map to succeed over the coming years and become Europe’s premier women’s sporting organisation.”