(Cheshire, England August 31 2004) The Robe di Kappa Ladies European Tour (LET) announced today a significant change in its members’ regulations which will allow individuals who have undergone sex reassignment from male to female the opportunity to be eligible for membership.

After careful consideration, the Players’ Council and members of the Board of Directors of the LET have approved the change to its regulations which previously stated that applicants for membership must have been ‘female at birth’, and will adopt the strict guidelines set by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which are now in effect at this years XXVIII Olympiad in Athens.

Mianne Bagger, a 37-year-old Danish-born golfer who has undergone sex reassignment, asked the LET earlier in the season if they would consider making changes to the existing member regulations to allow her to become eligible for membership of the LET.

In February, Bagger became the first trans-sexual to play on the Ladies European Tour when she competed in the AAMI Women’s Australian Open at Concord Golf Club in Sydney under regulations governed by the WGA (Women’s Golf Australia), who permit the inclusion of sex reassignment golfers.

The changes to the LET membership regulations will allow Bagger the opportunity to play in LET events and to attend the Qualifying School for the 2005 season (26 October – 03 November 2004 at Riva Dei Tessali Hotel & Golf Resort, near Bari in Italy).