(Kokkedal GC, Hørsholm, Copenhagen – August 31, 2005) Iben Tinning, Ludivine Kreutz and Gwladys Nocera make their last European appearances before heading to Indiana for next week’s Solheim Cup when they tee it up at this week’s €200,000 Nykredit Masters.

Gwladys Nocera

“I felt very stressed last week with so many ‘ifs and buts’ in the equation,” said Nocera. “But this week I feel a lot more relaxed. I’m still going to play my best and take it as a training week for next week.”

One of her highlights will be competing against one of her long time idols, American Meg Mallon.

“I admire her because when I was in the USA I saw her doing a show with kids and she was great, so friendly and nice,” said Nocera.

“But if I play against her she’s just going to be another player, the same as all the others.”

Kreutz was equally relaxed. She said: “I think its going to be a great European team. America has a great team as well with a mixture of young and experienced players. It’s going to be a tough match.”

Tinning added: “They have a lot of new ones and I think they’re going to shake. Obviously they’re fantastic players, but even though they’re great, they’re still going to be nervous and you don’t know how many holes it will take them to get over it.”

In addition to Tinning and Kreutz, five other tournament champions from 2005 are teeing it up at Kokkedal Golf Course this week, including Federica Piovano and Veronica Zorzi (Italy), Cecilia Ekelundh (Sweden), Kirsty A Taylor (England) and last week’s winner, Lisa Holm Sørensen (Denmark).