A total of 54 children from different schools around the Czech Republic gathered at Golf Park Pilsen in Dýšina on Wednesday for an inspirational Junior Pro-Am with 18 LET professionals ahead of the Tipsport Golf Masters.

The activity is part of the ‘LET’s Inspire’ strategy which aims to help to grow the game by creating inspiring and motivating activities for young golfers.
Since the LET first played in the Czech Republic in 2011, the national Golf Federation has seen an increase in the number of children playing golf in the country and is continuing to develop its young talent whenever the LET professional golfers visit. They are undoubtedly inspired by the leading Czech player Klára Spilková, who is poised to qualify for the summer Olympic Games in Rio and is a great sporting role model for juniors in her country.

LET Member Sophie Sandolo, who is a great supporter of junior golf, commented: “I think that the initiative here in the Czech Republic is fantastic and it’s great to be involved with the programme. At my home club, I am very involved in the junior activities and we organise at least two sessions a week with different activities for school children. I think that all juniors should receive free membership of golf clubs around the world and that there should not be any barriers. We need to involve and motivate all children to get involved in this healthy sport.”

czech762Martin Bek, General Secretary of the Czech Golf Federation, said: “The Czech Golf Federation concentrates a huge effort in game development within the Czech Republic with a strong focus on children. The major project that we run is ‘Golf to School’ which involves more than 60 golf clubs, 190 schools and 10,500 children across the country. Youngsters are also a group of players that are increasing the most year on year. Therefore we love the idea of a junior pro-am that gives kids at all levels of ability the opportunity to play and meet with the best European players and we are proud that we can support and coordinate such an initiative, especially during the year when golf returns to the Olympic Games.”

Vita Strouf, Tipsport Golf Masters Tournament Director, added: As part of the tournament week program here in Pilsen we organise a Junior Pro-Am for three categories in total. I think it’s important especially for kid’s motivation, as they have a unique opportunity to play beside their role models not only from the Czech Republic, but also from foreign countries. Moreover, for the golf club it’s a great way to reward the most diligent kids for their hard work in training.”