A number of Ladies European Tour members are taking the advanced level of a pioneering R&A Rules programme being run in conjunction with the LET at its headquarters at Buckinghamshire Golf Club this week.

The completion of the three-tier Rules education programme means that the participants will have reached a standard where they will be able to officiate at elite and professional golf tournaments.

In addition, the qualification and skills learned will help them in any administrative role and will open up many avenues in the professional golf industry.

The Ladies European Tour members have been studying The Rules over the last year and took a formal two-and-a-half hour exam on Wednesday.

Four-time LET tournament winner Rebecca Hudson of England was one of the members who took the exam and she commented: “It’s been very hard work and hopefully I’ll pass! This is obviously going to add another string to my bow and the opportunity was too good to miss.”

On the exam, LET member Rachel Bell commented: “I liken it to taking a theory test but not being able to drive yet. If I had to officiate at an event I am sure I would first have to shadow a tournament rules official.”

Due to the success of the inaugural R&A Rules School, there are likely to be similar opportunities for members in future years.