We talk to Göteborg’s finest Linda Wessberg who is a three-time winner on the Ladies European Tour and is currently ranked 15th on the 2010 Henderson Money List.

You last played in Switzerland in 2006, when you tied for 35th. What do you remember of the course?
I remember it’s a good finishing hole, the 18th, and you could reach it in two. It’s over water so quite a risk and reward hole. Other than that I know it’s very pretty there in a valley. I remember the clubhouse where you can sit outside on the terrace. It was a while ago, four years.

What brings you back?
I was playing in the US so I had a different schedule but I’m looking forward to going back because I remember it as a very nice place.

How do you rate your game at the moment?
I’ve been playing really well and hitting the ball a lot better than I have in a long time. I’m just waiting for the putts to fall. I was putting well in Germany but the other two weeks it’s been quite frustrating. I happened to be up in the top anyway without good putting. If I can just keep my game going and make the putter a little hotter it’s going to work.

Do you have any expectations for the week?
I don’t have any expectations at all. I just want to enjoy it. I’m going to bring my coach and try to see if we can get the putting going a little bit better.

Who is your coach?
P.O. Dahlman (Per Ola) but I call him P.O.

Is he going to caddie?
Yes, he will caddie. He has done it before, last year in Dubai and Finland. It’s good for him to see what’s going on inside the ropes. Sometimes you see a different view when you walk outside and you don’t get the feeling of it.

What are your goals now?
I want to win a few more tournaments but as long as I do whatever I can, this game is really hard and you can’t control what everyone else is doing. You just focus on yourself. That is one of my goals too, to try and do whatever I can do and not focus on what everyone else is doing.

You do well in the rain. What sort of weather are you hoping for?
I want it to be nice. The thing is with bad weather, everything gets so much harder. You have to do keep everything dry so if you’re patient and can manage that you’ll do well. It’s not the rain that’s hard it’s keeping everything dry and not getting frustrated when things go wrong. Obviously when it’s nice weather anyone can play well. I like it better when it’s sunny and 25 degrees but I don’t mind rain either.

Are you an environmentally friendly person?
I try to be. I am driving a hybrid car so I’m a very environmentally friendly person! I’m trying to be but it’s hard. We separate or trash for recycling.

What do you think about the carbon neutral initiatives?
I think it’s great. I think it’s very important for the future. It’s hard for me to say on climate change because I’m not that old yet so I can’t really see it. When you hear from everyone else you can totally see that there has been a drastic change so I think it’s important to do something if it’s not too late: hopefully not. I think everyone needs to help in any way they can and this is a good thing to show that you can run an environmentally friendly tournament and everyone else can try to do the same thing, maybe not just for golf but other sports as well.

What else is going on in your life?
I’m looking forward to the World Cup in soccer but it sucks that Sweden is not playing. I follow the Swedish league here and now we have two months off. It’s going to be fun with the world Cup here I think. There’s always something to watch when you put on the TV.

Who are you going to support now?
I’m not sure. I think Denmark. It’s quite frustrating because they were the ones that knocked us out. I might support Holland as well but I’m not sure yet because I think they play good football.

Your family are all footballers, aren’t they?
Yes. My granddad, my uncle and my brother too but my dad was the best one. My dad played in the Swedish League for Gais, a Gothenburg team. We have three or four teams in Gothenburg that are quite big. My team is quite high in the league right now. IFK Göteborg is the biggest team and Nina Reis has their logo on her bag.