Mardi Lunn (left) and Lisa Hall (right) hard at work

The inaugural caddie’s golf tournament, which was organised by Rafael, was played over six holes on the Executive Golf Course at Le Golf D’Arras on Tuesday evening. It was a highlight of the season with 30 regular tour caddies playing, with their player acting as their caddie. There was a high standard of golf on display as over half of the caddies were either professional golfers or plus figure handicap golfers themselves.

With a golf cart heavily laden with free beer and a splendid barbecue in the golf hotel afterwards, the scores were an irrelevance but the game did spark a few nicknames such as “Heavy Ballesteros” and “Sister Taylor” (See the Image Gallery to guess to whom these nicknames belong!)

England’s Georgina Simpson deserves a special mention as she drove in on her birthday especially to caddie for her regular bagman Russell, who is also her cousin. Georgina and Russell were in the last match and were greeted on the sixth green by a chorus of “Happy Birthday” and a Mexican wave.