Olafia Kristinsdottir from Iceland is one of 21 first year Ladies European Tour (LET) professionals from 12 different countries who have gathered at the impressive Dénia Marriott La Sella Golf Resort and Spa just outside Alicante for the LET Rookie Orientation Programme 2016. The new LET Members are learning all about what it takes to be a pro golfer on and off the course. Here we get Olafia’s impressions for her first experiences on Tour.

How are you finding the Rookie Orientation so far?

It’s great. I need to learn more about how it works. The girls are really fun and we had a nice dinner, joking around.

What do you think of the facilities at La Sella Resort?

It’s very nice. We got to hit on grass yesterday and it was the first time I’ve hit on grass since Morocco. The greens are in good condition. I couldn’t practise much only indoors in Iceland, and in Germany the area where I practice was closed.

What tournament most excited for?

It depends on which ones I get into but some cool locations.

Is the Olympic Games on your mind?

Of course, it would be a dream to get there but I have to move up a lot so it will be important for me to play in tournaments and get some points.

How does it feel to represent Iceland on the LET?

It makes me feel really proud and I can feel that the Icelandic golfers are very excited to have me there. It’s also encouraging for other Icelandic players, so I’m happy about that.

How have you found the transition from amateur to professional life?

Better than expected. I did okay in my first year as a pro with some under par tournaments. It took a while to get used to the stress but now it feels better.

How did you celebrate after finishing tied for 25th at Lalla Aicha Tour School?

I had dinner with my family but it took around a week to sink in. When I got to Iceland they had a reception for me with friends and family and I had to do a speech. It was great!

What advice would you give to amateur golfers wanting to turn pro?

Just enjoy it and try to learn as much as you can, not have too many expectations and stay in the present.