Becky Brewerton (Wales) 65 (-7)

What do you put it down to today?

Every part of my game is pretty solid. I hit the ball very well, made the most of the chances I had and I chipped in as well on one hole and holed a bunker shot for an eagle on the fourth.

How did you make your eagle on 18?

I hit a really good drive and took a five iron and cut it a little bit. I didn’t think it was going to carry but it went straight at the pin. It literally rolled up to about four foot so that was a bit lucky there.

Are you still working with Stewart Craig?

Yeah. I saw Stewart last week and talked to him again. Since he came to Holland something just seems to have clicked. Everything feels good and it was just a reminder about the same things so everything feels good at the moment.

Are you hitting it better than ever?

Yes. I was surprised. When I went to see Stewart I thought that he could make my short game better and I thought working with Paul Hurrion would make my putting better but I dodn’t think he would be able to make my long game any better because it was quite good anyway but he has. He’s given me more length and more accuracy which I was really surprised at and it was an added bonus, so that all seems to have helped. Hitting fairways when you’re hitting it longer makes it so much easier. He said there wasn’t much wrong with my game, I just needed to believe in myself.
I’ve also seen a psychologist last week called Brian Hemmings because I was noticing a bit of a difference between the scores on the first two days where I was starting quite slowly and the last two rounds where I was leaving myself way behind but playing an awful lot better. It was almost like I had to go for it in the first couple of rounds rather than taking too long to get into it.

What is the goal this week?

To win. I’ve got to win to try to get into the Evian Masters. This is my last chance and that would be nice. Obviously for The Solheim, I desperately need a win. I think if I could get into the Evian as well as playing in the British Open I fancy my chances of finishing definitely in the top 20 and you get so any more points for that. It’s kind of a last ditch push for The Solheim team because that’s just a massive thing so I don’t think anything else but a win is going to do me after this week otherwise I won’t get the points. I’ll be going for everything.

Carlota Ciganda (Spain) 65 (-7)

How are you feeling after your round?

I’m feeling confident. I hit some great shots and the putting, I was happy with it. Over the last few holes it was incredible. I made five under in the last seven holes so it was so good.

What happened on the last hole?

I was on the green in two shots and just missed my 20 metre eagle putt so it was great.

Where do you attend university in the USA?

I am at Arizona State University. I went in January and I had my first semester. Everything is great. I’m enjoying the golf there and people are really nice. The coaching is great. I’m going to study psychology.

Will you attend for four years?

Yes, so I have three more.

What is the goal this week?

I am playing good but I am just trying to play my own game, have fun and like always I want to learn about other players because there are great players playing here and it’s always nice to play with them because they are great and always give you some advice for the future.

Who is your coach?

Rogelio Echeverria from Ulzama (the same golf club as Ana Larraneta and Maria Hernandez). He is here from Pamplona in Navarra. He came and I think he is going but I would love it if he could stay.

How many birdies?

Eight birdies and one bogey. I made three putts and missed a really short one from one metre. It’s not easy to play with no bogeys.

What is your best ever round?

Eight under.

Did you hit your drives a long way?

Yes, a long way but also straight. I hit it good but I like the course because you can hit it everywhere and I’m playing good second shots.

Why did you come to the Spanish Open?

I was at home since May for the summer holidays and they called me to ask if I would play and I am more than happy to come.

What is your greatest achievement?

I won the British Amateur and the European last year and in 2004. I have won all the Spanish titles and played since I was 10 years old.

Maria Boden (Sweden) 65 (-7)

To what do you attribute this round?

I’m just very happy because I’ve been struggling for the last three events. I’ve been playing well but then something has happened in my round.

Seven birdies and no bogeys: you must have been on fire.

I wasn’t even close to a bogey. It was really solid.

What did you do last week?

Last week I was just seeing my family and played scramble with my mom and dad and just relaxing. It’s hard when you haven’t had the results you wanted but you don’t feel you deserve it, to know what to do when you go home. Should I take some time off or practise? So I just relaxed and played for fun.

How much motivation do you take from your friend Emma Zackrisson’s win here last year?

We are staying in the same apartment and she has the same superstitions. She is doing the same things as last year. I am not doing the same things though!

Iben Tinning (Denmark) 66 (-6)

What worked well out there today?

I hit a lot of greens and I’m just trying to attack out there. I hit 17 greens.

Did you make the most of the birdie opportunities?

I had to hole a few long ones. I still have a few driving issues. I only hit seven fairways and I’m just on the edge all the time apart from nine, where I was way left.

How does it help, coming back to a course where you have shot 63 and won a tournament?

You feel comfortable here because you have played good golf and it’s not too hard to bring back the good memories. I enjoyed it.

Your form seems to be improving. Would you agree?

Yes, definitely. I am working hard on the mental part of the game and I think I’m even stronger and more confident and I think that’s the key. I have been working with a guy called Bjarne Lellek. He’s a great guy.

Will you aim for more of the same over the next three days?

I’m just going to attack. I’ve got nothing to lose, really. It’s been a long time since I won something and I’m just excited.

Are you thinking about The Solheim Cup much?

Yes, definitely. I know it’s hard for me to play myself in there. I need a win and hope for something in the British. I’m always hopeful. I love The Solheim Cup and I’ll see what happens.

Were there any particularly notable birdies?

I had two long putts on 16 and 17. Those were fabulous birdies from around eight and nine metres. That was really a bonus. I’m coming back.

Christel Boeljon (Netherlands) 66 (-6)

Were you satisfied with your round today?

Yes. I hit 12 fairways and 16 greens so I think it was pretty good. I made a few long putts so I think I can be satisfied.

What makes you play well in Spain?

I don’t know. I like the course. I like the condition of it. This is my first time here but I think it’s a lot like La Sella with the same conditions. I can’t explain.

Have you been working on anything in the last week?

A few changes to the set up and take away and a better turn in the back. I’m just trying to hit the ball a bit better. It’s okay but not like how I want it. It’s not far from it so hopefully it’s going to come over the next few days.

Are you satisfied with your season so far?

It’s hard for a rookie to complain like that but for me, it can be a lot better, but it can be a lot worse too. I take it week by week and see how it goes. I think the game is pretty consistent but I’m still waiting for the way it was in La Sella and to play good golf for four days. If it doesn’t happen this week, then maybe it will later in the year. It feels alright so hopefully I can keep it going.

Sophie Giquel 67 (-5)

What was the key to your round?

I hit the ball pretty well so I hit 17 greens in regulation and I had pretty good putts also. Usually I don’t play that well. From anywhere inside four metres inside the pin I was able to put it in today and that was the key I think. I played one par, one birdie, one par; it was steady. I just had one three putt bogey. I had six metres and I was so confident I tried to put it in. It went past by one metre, not that bad, and then I missed it. I’m happy with the score.

What were you doing last week?

Last week I was in France.

What brought you back to Europe?

I didn’t play that well in the United States and this year every week is like a major over there. The top 15 on the ranking, they play every week, so it’s really hard. I lost all my confidence because I missed lots of cuts so I decided just to come back to see my French coach, work and try to play here and have more confidence. I go back over there in August and I hope I will have a better mindset to be able to play better for the second half of the season. I will play Wales and then I have 10 days off and then go back over there.

Who is your coach?

Corrine Soules. I trust her so much. We worked together for 14 years and I missed her a lot in the United States. It’s not a big change but when she told me something I trusted her 100 percent. That’s what we’ve been doing the last few weeks.

Where are you based?

I am homeless. I had a house in West Palm Beach, Florida, which was sponsored, but it’s over. We left our place in Lyon a year and a half ago. We will look for a new place in October and it looks like it will be in France.

Denise Charlotte Becker 67 (-5)

Well done. What was the key today?

I hit 18 greens today so it should have been better but I’ll take it. It was okay but I missed some birdie chances. I missed about four.

How far were you expecting a good round?

It kind of came out of nowhere. I never thought that I would shoot five-under today.

What have you been working on?

I’ve been working on the mental side of the game. I need to say every time, “You are a good player; you can do it and keep going and make some birdies.”

Who do you work on that with?

My coach Gűnter Kessler. He works with the all the good German players like Martin Kaymer etc.

Are you still living in Bonn?

No. I moved into my own apartment in Dusseldorf about six months ago.

What are your hopes for this tournament?

Play my own game and I hope I can repeat my round.