Stefania Croce 68-68=136 (-8)

Stefania, very well done today. Another round of 68. What was the key today?
It was putting and hitting the ball straight off the tee and good irons close to the pin. I putted a few times for birdie so when they went in, I made six birdies.

What is the main focus this week?
To have fun on the course.

You’re now in a good position. How do you feel about being in such a strong position going into the final round?
I feel very good. It’s like a challenge, you know, to be able to do the same things whatever is happening. I try to have fun and to hit my shots so it’s going to be challenging.

What can you tell us about the conditions out there this morning?
I think the golf course is great. The greens are true and you have to hit the ball very good. You have to hit some fade shots and draw shots so it demands a good game, I think, this golf course. The wind as well, you have to take into consideration. I think this is a great golf course to make shots.

Why do you think the Italian players are doing so well here?
I think because we have sunshine! I think this course looks a lot like an Italian course. You have to hit the ball straight, because its tree lined usually in Italy, so I think it’s because of that.

Who is your coach?
My father, Angelo Croce. Butch Harmon used to be when I was playing in the United States but my coach is my father and my brother helps, he is a pro and my uncle as well.

That’s like the Ballesteros family.
It’s true. We are 14; not just Croce; different last names but the same family. There are 14 pros: my cousins, my grandfather and his brother, then my father, my brother, my uncle and all my cousins: 14.

Do you have a new sponsor this year?
I have this (Saturnia Golf Club). I make golf clinics on a golf course with a thermal spa, a natural spa. It comes out of the ground hot. It’s in Tuscany, between Tuscany and Rome.

What can you tell me about Schiavone winning the French Open in tennis, Italy going out of the World Cup and you winning here?
I don’t know. We feel sad about Italy, very sad. I watched every match. We were screaming the other day.

I know football and tennis are big in Italy. What about golf?
Not really; it’s more motorcycles with Rossi, skiing a little bit in the winter. In golf with the Molinari brothers, more and more.

Sophie Sandolo 66-71=137 (-7)

What was the story of the day?
It was just a different day than yesterday. I played actually better than yesterday. I think my game was much more consistent today but a few putts didn’t go in which is quite normal, but they were good putts. It was consistent and I will play well tomorrow.

You had an Italian player winning the French Open in tennis; Italy just went out of the World Cup. What are your thoughts on Italian sport lately?
Italian sport is doing really good. I’m really happy for the tennis player who won because I don’t know what her age is but she is quite late and I think she must be really proud of herself and Italy will be proud of her too. The Italian team, I don’t have much to say about it. I saw the matches and I think it’s not a moment where Italy is that strong. I think we have to change the team but I’m not a coach, I’m just a fan. I wish that they will come back in four years and win the title.

Iben Tinning 71-66=137 (-7)

Iben, you were feeling confident when you arrived here. Why was that?
I’ve played a few weeks in America and I worked really hard over there. I’m just waiting to have a good run. Today I had a really good, solid round. Yesterday I had a double and a bogey but I played pretty well. It’s really nice to hit the ball well. I had a few mistakes but I got away with them.

What do you like about the course?
You have some good chances; you have some short holes and some challenging ones. All the par fives are reachable and you have a few tricky holes like six, seven, eight. It’s a pretty funny course to play, I think.

What have you been working on in the USA?
I just worked a lot on the details and I can’t really get into them.

You’ve been in contention a lot of times. What’s the plan tomorrow?
I’m just going to stick to my plan and what I’m working on and if it’s good enough, it’s great; if not, I’m just waiting. I know something good is going to happen this year and if it’s this week, great.
I feel pretty good. I feel comfortable. I still have butterflies in my stomach and I think that’s good. I’m just trying to control it.