After an absence of more than a century, golf will return as an Olympic sport in 2016 and 2020 along with rugby sevens following their approval by the International Olympic Committee membership during the IOC’s 121st Session.

They will be part of the Olympic Programme in Rio de Janeiro, which last week was selected as the host city for 2016 Games by the IOC. Golf was last an Olympic sport at the 1904 Games in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, when the United States and Canada were the only two competing countries. Here, selected Ladies European Tour players give their thoughts…

“I don’t think there’s anything that could beat playing in the Olympics, representing your country. That would be a dream come true,” Anna Nordqvist (Sweden)

“To be in it would be unbelievable. Up until now golf has never been in the Olympics so you never really thought what it would be like to be there when you were watching it. It seems like somewhere you would never ever be. To think now that you could be at the Olympics alongside some of the same people that you’ve watched like Usain Bolt and people like that is a bit strange. I’d love to be in it!” Becky Brewerton (Wales)

“I want to see me in the Olympic Games in golf! I think being part of it is the one thing every person on this planet wants to achieve.” Bettina Hauert (Germany)

“I’ve always wanted to participate in the Olympics because for me, it is the pinnacle of sport and it’s such a great event. I think it will be important for women’s golf but we are improving and we don’t need to wait until 2016 to improve. We are improving year by year and it will help. Knowing that it is going to become an Olympic sport will help even before 2016.” Diana Luna (Italy)

“I’m pleased it’s in. It’s a shame for me that’s its come so late. Ten years ago it would have been lovely and I would have stood a chance of playing the Olympic Games. Now you’re talking another six years and what am I then? 52: very unlikely I’ll be in, so it’s a shame. Good luck to the girls and guys that are going to get a go because to me the Olympics is the ultimate sporting event.” Laura Davies (England) .