Johnson – one of three English players on three-under-par

Felicity Johnson
Q. You are in the top-ten after the first round. How did it go out there today?
Johnson: Yeah, it was pretty steady. I hit a lot of greens and managed to hole a few putts, which is what was missing in the last few weeks, really.

Q. Are you confident that you can maintain your form tomorrow?
Johnson: I’ve learnt a lot in the last few weeks. I have been playing well all season, but I haven’t been scoring well. I have managed to put a few decent scores together in the last few weeks, so there is a bit of confidence.

Q. What was working for you today that hasn’t been working so much in other tournaments?
Johnson: I think I have been hitting it a bit closer. I have not been missing greens so much, and when I was missing them, I managed to get up and down. I had a couple of birdies to start with, which set me up nicely for the day.

Q. This is not a forgiving course is it?
Johnson: It is not very wide in places, and there are a lot of positional shots out there.

Q. Is this anywhere near your top form?
Johnson: Today was probably the steadiest I’ve had. I was feeling pretty tired early on, so I had an energy drink and birdied two out of the first three – that helped. That gave me a bit of confidence. It’s all about confidence and not missing greens around here, which is difficult to do.

Q. Early start tomorrow – will you fit much practice in between now and then?
Johnson: I will have a cool down on the range and won’t be late to bed tonight.

Jehanne Jail
Q. A disappointing end to the round, but you played well today. How did you think it went?
Jail: I was pretty happy with it. I had four birdies, two bogeys, and on that course I am happy with it.

Q. The 18th is very difficult, isn’t it?
Jail: Too many trees – at least one too many!

Q. But you made a good recovery shot after hitting a tree on the 18th.
Jail: I just wanted to be on the green to putt. To go out with a bogey is actually quite fine with me.

Q. Did you expect to do well?
Jail: I have to go back to Q-School now, so I have to have some good weeks. Hopefully I will have a few more good days.

Q. What will you practice before tomorrow’s round?
Jail: Nothing – I am going to bed now because I am not feeling well at all!