Georgina Simpson (England)

My worst job ever was when I cleaned at the school I was attending at the time. It was the most embarrassing thing, I’d be saying to the teacher, ‘Bye, Miss,” and then, “hello again” as a cleaner. It was £6.50 an hour for two hours after school every night from 4-6pm which at aged 16 wasn’t bad!


Rebecca Coakley (Ireland)

I was a telemarketer for a few weeks and it was pretty bad the first few weeks until I got used to it. People just abuse the hell out of you. Most of the time I’d say, ‘Who are you currently with?’ and if they said a certain brand, I’d say, ‘Well I can’t beat that.’ You weren’t supposed to but it saved time. You got paid on commission so some weeks I was doing four hours and getting 1000 dollars, which when you’re 18 is unbelievable, but you wouldn’t want to do it if you were raising a family. It doesn’t do much for your self esteem: being abused! 


Melissa Reid (England)

I had a waitressing job when I was 14 at the golf club, it wasn’t too bad actually. It was just bringing out the soup. I did that for about a year. When I was 17 I worked in a gym at a Marriott hotel, which I had for a year but that was good fun. 


Nikki Garrett (Australia)

My first job wasn’t bad because I was working in a golf shop and it was really quiet so most of the time I just spent colouring! I also worked in the bar at the golf club but that wasn’t really bad either, but I didn’t like smelling of beer at the end of the shift! 


Martina Gillen (Ireland)

I had a job delivering leaflets when I was younger and it was awful sticking them through those hairy letter boxes. The legs would be worn off you going in and out of those gates!


Tara Delaney (Ireland)

I had a job packing meat for greyhounds and it was packed ham and turkey that was past its sell by date and absolutely stunk. Greyhounds need high quality meat so it was good stuff for them. We used to get it direct from the people who made it and pack it into little zipped bags.


Carly Booth (Scotland)

I’ve never had a job but I’ll tell you what really sucks: going to school six days a week! At the Glenalmond College we had to wear a full length skirt down to the ground and a tweed jacket. It was just like Hogwarts and Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) actually used to be a boarder there and there was a picture of him on the wall there. To be fair, they were really good to me and I have to give them full credit. They let me have time off whenever I wanted, I could drive to school and I didn’t have to turn up on a Sunday for mass. It’s one of the best schools in Britain.