Bagger – back after two weeks off

Ursula Wikstrom, Sweden, 70 (-2)
Q. Can you tell me about your round – you got off to a good start?

Wikstrom: It was ok. I was hitting the ball ok, then I was able to make some putts. It was distracting making the bogeys, but some good opportunities to make birdies.

Q. How was the front nine?
Wikstrom: I started on the tenth, 11, 12 birdied, so a good start.

Q. How do you think you’re playing?
Wikstrom: It is ok. I am feeling a lot better than I have been – I started to struggle for a while this season. So it is getting better. Now I trust my putter again.

Q. Was it the putting that was letting you down?
Wikstrom: A little bit. I hadn’t been working that much.

Q. Conditions out there today?
Wikstrom: They were ok. Only a little bit of rain, but otherwise ok. Only a little delay of two hours, but I knew about it and didn’t arrive at the course. Different from yesterday – I didn’t even tee-up or anything.

Mianne Bagger, Denmark, 70 (-2)
Q. Can I go over your round?
Bagger: I started with a birdie on the first. Then I birdied 12 and 15. I bogeyed 17.

Q. How did the round go for you?
Bagger: Pretty steady. I had two weeks off after Denmark. I didn’t hit a ball for two weeks – I had a total break. I got some treatments, massages, give my body a break. I played six straight and that was just too many. I had a couple of chats with my coach in Perth.

Q. Is that where you live?
Bagger: Six months there, six months in Denmark. I don’t actually have a home – like most players, I guess. It’s the usual thing. I hit some balls at the weekend before coming over, that went pretty well. I did a little bit of practice when I got in on Monday. I played the pro-am and things got together a bit more. I had a chill day tomorrow with all the things going on. I am in Spain next week, I am in the 18 Finest, so it kind of takes the pressure off. I wanted to come out, relax and have fun because it doesn’t matter this week. I wanted to have fun, play with the swing, with my game and feel good about it.

Q. Everything’s going well?
Bagger: My driver was a bit off in the beginning, I was hitting a few left. But I had to let go, just trust it. The next two days will show how well it’s sitting I guess.