How does it feel to be the best player in Europe?
It’s recent so I need more weeks. I went back home and just relaxed; did normal stuff, the laundry and sleep.

How do you like the Algarve?
I didn’t play last year so I haven’t been here for two years. I feel good. I’m a little bit tired but I feel good.

Two years ago you almost won the tournament, right?
Yes, Stephanie Arricau won. She played really, really well so she won the tournament.

You’ve never won two tournaments in a row before have you?
No, that’s a good goal for the week.

Do you find anything different since you became one of the leading players on the LET?
No. It’s the same I just have more confidence. When I come to a tournament it’s pretty much the same.

Do you have any more sponsorships?
No. I’ve had the same sponsors for the last five years.

What do you enjoy about being in this position?
I don’t know. I set goals and when I achieve them I’m happy but I don’t look to whatever it’s going to bring me. I just enjoy what is happening now. All I know is that I’m happy with my game so it makes my life easier.

Is there any additional pressure that comes from being at the top?
All I know is that I’m happy being myself. I have goals and I want to achieve them but other than that I don’t have any pressure from anything else.

Who do you rate as some of your greatest challengers this week?
Well there are a lot of challengers in the field this week: Becky, Trish, Veronica. I’m probably forgetting a few. Anne-Lise Caudal is also playing well.

Is it normal that you don’t play the course until the pro am?
My caddie walked the course and took all the notes and I rely on him to know where to play. It’s his job.

When you talked it sounded more like a sports psychologist talking.
If you want to win tournaments and you want to be the best you have to be professional. I have a sports psychologist who I work with. I just tell her my goals and we work according to that. We talk pretty much once a week and sometimes she comes with me to a tournament. She is coming to the US Open in two weeks. Her name is Isabelle Inchauspe.

We have a French player who is half Portuguese called Caroline Afonso. She won the Portuguese Amateur two years ago and is on tour now. Do you know her?
I don’t know her that much. I know she hits the ball really far and is a strong player. She is a rookie so I think she’s going to be a great player.

What bout Filipe Lima, do you know him?
I know him a little bit but I haven’t seen him for a long time. He is a very nice guy.

This is a 200,000 euro tournament so it’s not one of the biggest. Does that make you approach it any differently?
For me it’s the same. I want to win it so it doesn’t matter how much money there is. I want to lift the cup. The cheque is a bonus.