How did you find the course?

I have never played here until yesterday and today in the pro-am. The course is really nice. I like it.

You have been to Australia before?

Yes, I think this is my seventh time.

Last week was good for you. Do you hope to carry your form forward?

Yes, I am hoping maybe for better. I played really well last week except for the second round. I did not hit the ball well, I did not putt well, I did not chip well, I did not do anything good. The last two rounds were really good, so I’ll keep that in my mind and have to start playing like that.

Do you find Metropolitan different to Kingston Heath?

I was talking about it with my caddie and it is not the same. It is the same kind of course but this one has more bunkers. It is really nice and it is playing long, which is good. We can reach some of the par fives, which gives us the opportunity to take risks, so I like that. The greens are fantastic and I really like the bunkers close to the greens. If your approach is wrong it drops in the bunker. I think it is good and it is going to be fun to play.

Does the Sand Belt suit your game?

Yes, I like that kind of course.

Do you have any favourite holes out there?

The first, and nine is good. You can take a three wood down the left or take a risk and hit a fade with the driver. That is what I like to do, work the ball, play a draw, play a fade. It is more fun. But pretty much all the holes are nice.

What do you think will be the winning score?

It is hard to tell. It is the kind of course where anything can happen. You can make eagles on par fives and then you can make a double bogey on a par four if you go in a bunker. The greens are tricky. They slope and the lines are hard to read. I really don’t know. I think you will have to wait until the first round to have a better idea.

You improved greatly last year. What is the main difference?

Well, last year I was second and this year I am first.

What have you done?

I worked a lot on my short game over winter and during the season last year. I guess my driving has been pretty good. And, I guess, confidence and experience. I am feeling good. I am happy in my life. I am happy on the European Tour.

Who do you regard as your main threats this week?

There are a lot, especially on this course. The first person who comes to my mind is Karrie. I think the course suits her game really well. I can see her shooting good scores here. Katherine is playing really well. I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it.

How did the kids go learning French?

They speak better French than me.

What are your plans after this week?

I go home. I am not too happy about it because I want to stay here. I am playing the HSBC in Singapore at the beginning of March, which will be nice. Then I have a month off and then I play the Nabisco in the US and then the season will start in Europe with the European Cup in Spain.