ABN AMRO Ladies Open, Eindhovensche Golf, the Netherlands
Pre-tournament interviews
4th June 2008

Gwladys Nocera (FRANCE)

How does it feel to be back in the Netherlands?
Good. It’s nice. I know I really like the course. It’s the kind of course I enjoy and I know I can shoot low; I did last year so I’m excited.

Do you feel that you can break your own course record this week?
I think I can if I keep on doing the work I have been doing. My coach is here this week so we are going to work on my swing a little bit. I guess I will be very patient and try to not make small mistakes on the course. You can always shoot really low but it just depends on a few shots that you didn’t hit the way you should have or a strategic mistake. I will try to play really simple golf and not think about it too much.

What is your strategy this week on this golf course?
I think it is a course where you have to hit the ball really straight. First of all, hitting good drives will give you good positions to hit the greens and close to the pin. I have been playing really aggressively lately and I think that’s the way I should keep on playing.

How confident are you feeling at the moment about your game?
I am feeling very confident. I feel really confident but I know that if I don’t try it’s not going to come on its own. Feeling confident is one thing but you still have to work hard on the course to shoot a good score.

How are you playing compared to the previous two years?
I think I am playing about the same as two years ago and I have the experience. I am feeling good.
Last year wasn’t that good. I played well at times. I played really well here and the week before in Ireland. I am calmer on the course this year. I am more serene, so it’s more fun.

You have already won one tournament in 2008; have you any more goals for this year?
Yes, I want to win the New Star Money List. That’s what I said at the beginning of the year so I’m going to do everything I can to do it. I will take a break sometimes and come back stronger. I am not the only one who wants to win it. We all do our best so we will see who wins in December. That’s the plan.

What is driving you to succeed?

I just love the game. I love golf and I love to win. That’s nice for myself because when you win and you lift a trophy you feel pretty good. It brings a lot of happiness to my family and my friends and I can share it with them and it is really important for me to be able to share that.

What would be the ultimate goal for you?
Winning the British Open.

The course here is quite similar to Sunningdale?
Yes, a little bit. It’s the same type of course, in the trees, kind of like a big garden. I really enjoy Sunningdale. I played the British like four years ago there and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know if I can win it but that’s my goal and what I practise for. To be able to win such a big tournament I have to play really well throughout the season so that’s why I try to play really well all the time so I am ready for the big ones.
Sunningdale has lots of bunkers and it’s a little bit tricky and some holes are long. At the beginning you have two par fives and with the wind you can reach them. It’s really different.

What is your favourite course?
There are a lot so it’s hard to pick one. Birkdale, St Andrews, Sunningdale: all of these courses in Scotland and England. There are a few in France that I really like and in the USA.

Who can win this week?
I think Lotta Wahlin is playing well, Becky Brewerton is playing well. There are a lot.

Lotta Wahlin (SWEDEN)

How do you feel to be back in Holland?
Great. This is a little bit like the Turkey course. It’s a little bit wider but about the same. I like being here.

How is it similar to Turkey?
It’s quite narrow with the trees on the sides. I think the greens are more soft than Turkey.

Can you shoot a low score here this week?
I hope so. I played yesterday at home with my parents and Andy and I played quite good so I hope so.

How happy have you been with the season so far?
Really. I mean I won two tournaments and I’m quite high up on the rankings so I’m really happy with the start. I just hope I can keep on doing the same thing and just have so much fun.

What do you think is the key to success at Eindhovensche Golf?
To be straight and to make the putts.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m really looking forward to the Evian Masters; my parents are coming and it’s going to be fun just to play in that tournament.

Has anything been different since you won in Turkey?
The first holes in Switzerland were a bit difficult because I was thinking about my win and I had some problems to focus. After 10 holes I felt much better and then last week was better. I feel more comfortable. I can just go out and enjoy it. In Catalonia I was playing with Tania and we had about the same score and in Turkey I was leading the whole way so I know that I can do it both ways and that is important to me.