Thailand’s Nontaya Srisawang

SUZHOU (China) Oct 25, 2011: Twelve Thai players playing in this week’s EUR300,000 Suzhou-Taihu Ladies Open 2011 beginning at the Suzhou Taihu International Golf Club are in mixed mood as they prepare their challenge for supremacy.

The Thai players are happy that they are presented with an opportunity to outdo World No. 1 Tseng Yani who will also be teeing off on Friday.

On the other hand, the Thais are worrying about the worsening flood conditions in Bangkok and its surrounding areas.

Some of the players like Nontaya Srisawang, Russamee Gulyanamitta, Ornthana Chuenarrum, Ajira Nualraksa, Pennapa Pulsawath, Wailalak Satarak, Kerdit Narisrar, Tanaporn Kongkiatkrai and Thidapa Suwannpura – are always with their tablet (iPad) connecting with their families and getting updates on the situation.

In fact, one of the Thai, Titiya Plucksataporn’s caddy – her father – who carried her bag in Sanya last week, left for Bangkok leaving Plucksataporn her without a caddie.

“My father has left for home to be with the rest of the family as the flood waters are reported to be approaching our home. He said he wants to be there and I also told him to go back. It’s dangerous out there if the floods come into our home,” said Plucksataporn, adding that she will hire a local caddy for the Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open.

“My parents and siblings have moved their important items at home to higher places like above the cupboards and on higher cabinets. But some of the items are too heavy to move by my family members. We pray the situation will improve,” said Pennapa, adding that it could be hours before their homes flood if the situation does not improve.

Another player Nontaya, whose house in the northen city of Chiangmai is safe, but is also not feeling good because her caddy comes from Bangkok and her home is not “safe”.

“She somewhat loses concentration and not in the game at all thinking of what’s going to happen to her house in Bangkok. Guess I have to work out everything on my own,” Nontaya said.

“I’d be lying to say if I’m not worried – not only about my home but also about all the people in Bangkok affected by the floods,” said Narisarar.

Nevertheless, the players are not about the raise the “white flag”.

“I can see the excitement in Suzhou with Yani’s presence in the Suzhou Taihu Ladies Open. We too are excited and more importantly do better than Yani. I believe doing better than Yani means you’re the winner,” said Tanaporn.