The 2014 European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley joined Pro-golfer and Solheim Cup 2013 winner Beatriz Recari at the annual Allianz Golf Camp. For the second time, Allianz has invited 16 young golfers and their mentors for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the home of golf, St Andrews Links in Scotland. The young golfers and their mentors – parents or local coaches from their home towns – came from 8 different countries: Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Portugal and Ireland.

Today the group enjoyed playing the world famous Old Course with Paul, who gave a few tips from his many years tackling this infamously difficult golf course. During their stay, the group have also had Beatriz show them a few handy tricks at the St Andrews Links Golf Academy, where the latest technology is used to assist golfers in improving their game.

It wasn’t all about modern golf, with the group visiting the Kingarrock Hickey golf course which uses the old style of clubs played with in the 1890’s. There was plenty of activity off the course, with both Paul and Beatriz taking part in a private Q&A session where the teenagers and their mentors could ask a variety of questions. Paul and Beatriz candidly explained their pre-tournament superstitions and spoke about who the mentors have been in their careers.

In the year of the 2014 Ryder Cup and one year before the 2015 Solheim Cup in Germany, the Allianz Golf Camp promotes the importance of being part of a team and having mentors such as Allianz Golf ambassadors Paul McGinley and Beatriz Recari. The game of golf is becoming more accessible to youth and Allianz wants to inspire the next generation of young golfers to take up the sport through initiatives such as the annual Allianz Golf Camp.

Beatriz Recari said: “Sport is meant to be fun and it was amazing to see this group of passionate young golfers and their mentors at the Allianz Golf Camp living by that attitude. I’ve been lucky to have some amazing people to support me over my career and getting to spend some quality time with the group at St Andrews Links to share my knowledge was a special experience.”

 Christian Deuringer, Head of Global Brand Management, Allianz SE said,

“Spending time with the international group of young golfers and their mentors at the Allianz Golf Camp has been a very special experience for me. Sharing the knowledge I gain daily from my job as the 2014 European Ryder Cup captain with the next generation of golfers is an important part of my role. Plus, the group also taught me a thing or two – it’s important to never stop learning from the people around you!” “The Allianz Golf Camp at St Andrews Links gives youngsters and their mentors an inspirational experience and moments they will share with friends and family for years to come. We are proud of our partnership with St Andrews Links and happy to have two brand ambassadors in Paul McGinley and Beatriz Recari who make unforgettable moments possible through sharing their vast knowledge. Our collaborative approach when working with golf partners mirrors our belief in supporting customers worldwide by helping them realize their potential and enjoying success in life.”

Allianz, one of the world’s largest financial communities, is already a very strong supporter of golf globally. Apart from the partnership with St Andrews Links, as well as with Paul McGinley and Beatriz Recari, Allianz is also a partner of St. Leon-Rot Golf Club in Germany, the creator and organiser of the very popular junior golfing initiative, Lucky 33 and host of the Solheim Cup 2015, the most prestigious women’s golf event in the world.