We asked the LET’s leading golfers what they would change about themselves in an ideal world.


Kristie Smith: To be able to not bite my finger nails!

Lee-Anne Pace: Physically I would like to have a smaller bum and more definition on my stomach. Non-physically I would like to sometimes have more patience with certain things. 

Pernilla Lindberg: Don’t procrastinate so much.

Rachel Jennings: My stubbornness! Ask my caddy… think he may answer the same thing.

Beth Allen: Probably to be a little more sensible about everything imaginable.

Sophie Walker: I’d have thinner thighs.

Frances Bondad: To have more patience.

Mel Reid: I’d be less impatient.

Danielle Montgomery: Physically my nose. I broke it three times when I was younger so I want to fix it. I would also like to open up more and be a little more out-going and less reserved.

Anja Monke: My white feet.

Caroline Hedwall: I’m a little bit too reserved sometimes.

Stacey Keating: Hole more putts.

Sophie Giquel-Bettan: Bigger boobs.

Vikki Laing: Not a thing. I think everything is there for a reason.

Bree Arthur: To be not so sensitive.

Becky Morgan: My height.

Connie Chen: I would like to be taller and blue eyes!

Caroline Afonso: My hips.

Diana Luna: I would like to be more patient.

Virginie Lagoutte-Clement: The fact that I am never satisfied.

Becky Brewerton: My size.

Nikki Garrett: My motivation for cardio (my trainer would have a lot easier job then).

Caroline Masson: My hair.

Jaclyn Sweeney: To be able to speak multiple languages.

Klara Spilkova: I would like to be more time efficient person.

Louise Larsson: l would like to have curly hair.

Rebecca Hudson: Smaller boobs, it isn’t as good as people think. All the lovely delicate bras and bikinis finish at a size D :(

Sandra Gal: Hit the ball so long that I could play with the guys.

Lydia Hall: Height – few inches shorter, afraid of heights!