Question of the week: If you had £1500, what would you spend it on?

Kristie Smith: I’d go on a shopping spree and I’d probably pamper myself with a day spa treatment.

Lee-Anne Pace: A nice weekend away with some friends at the coast somewhere.

Pernilla Lindberg: Pay for all expenses as a professional golfer, ha-ha!

Rachel Jennings: My honeymoon.

Beth Allen: Travel expenses!

Sophie Walker: I’d buy myself an IPad and take my friends out for a few drinks.

Frances Bondad: Sponsor a child’s schooling in the Philippines.

Mel Reid: A short holiday.

Danielle Montgomery: If I was feeling sensible, save it. If I wasn’t, book a table at a London club and then spend the day with my girls shopping and getting ready. Then party all night!

Anja Monke: Clothes and shoes.

Caroline Hedwall: A football weekend with my sister to Manchester, so she got to watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford.

Stacey Keating: A flight to Australia.

Sophie Giquel-Bettan: On holidays.

Vikki Laing: I’m trying to save for a house.

Bree Arthur: Travel.

Connie Chen: I would buy gifts for my friends and family.

Caroline Afonso: I would buy jewellery.

Diana Luna: A big dinner with friends.

Becky Morgan: Flight home to see my family.

Virginie Lagoutte-Clement: Probably customise my house.

Becky Brewerton: Probably a slap up meal in a posh restaurant with my friends!

Nikki Garrett: Probably renovations on my house.

Christel Boeljon: Something for my house.

Louise Larsson: Fly an air balloon.

Caroline Masson: Buy presents for my family.

Klara Spilkova: Travelling.

Jaclyn Sweeney: I would spend a lot it on food to cook with and the other half on charities that are starting up.

Rebecca Hudson: Shoes!

Sandra Gal: Give it to an animal shelter.

Lydia Hall: A holiday.