Diana Luna: To win the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Kristie Smith: To be the #1 player in the world! :)


Lee-Anne Pace: To see my family in the near future.


Nikki Garrett: That it didn’t take 24 hours to get home from Europe.


Pernilla Lindberg: Cures for all terrible diseases in the world.


Rachel Jennings: To cure all cancers.


Beth Allen: Health and happiness to all my friends and family.


Sophie Walker: To own a private jet.


Frances Bondad: To see my little brother fulfill his dreams of becoming a script writer and film director.


Mel Reid: Good health for my family and friends.


Danielle Montgomery: Good health for my family and friends.


Anja Monke: That my family and friends stay healthy.


Caroline Hedwall: That all people in the world would just respect each other’s beliefs and differences.


Stacy Keating: To win multiple majors.


Sophie Giquel-Bettan: Win on the Euro Millions.


Vikki Laing: Ten more wishes.


Bree Arthur: To live forever.


Caroline Afonso: Play the Evian Masters.


Louise Larsson: Become the world No.1 woman golfer.


Diana D’Alessio: For my family and friends to be happy and healthy.


Christel Boeljon: A happy and healthy life for the people close to me.


Becky Brewerton: That my family are all healthy.


Caroline Masson: That all children in the world have enough to eat and good education.


Klara Spilkova: To be just happy, it speaks for all.


Virginie Lagoutte-Clement: Good health for my family forever.


Connie Chen: I would wish for more wishes!


Jaclyn Sweeney: To go back and relive my childhood.


Rebecca Hudson: World peace! (Love Miss Congeniality!)


Sandra Gal: End all suffering in this world.