We get inside Kylie Walker’s golfing psyche and study the background to her recent success.

1. Best golf tip: hit it hard.

2. Best part of the game: driving.

3. Hidden Talent: all my talents are on display :-)

4. Biggest fear on the course: missing my tee time.

5. Superstitions: none

6. Dream foursome: it changes all the time… Will Smith, Jonah Hill, Jack Nicklaus.

7. Favourite golfer and non-golf athlete: Annika Sorenstam and Roger Federer.

8. Favourite club: sand wedge.

9. Favourite golf course and clubhouse:  Loch Lomond Golf Club; it is a great course with stunning surroundings. 

10. Favourite distance and shot you love to practice: wedging from 100 yards and in.

11. Lowest round ever. Please tell us when and where: 64 in Finland 2010 and 64 in Germany this year.

12. Your first set of clubs: Ben Sayers.

13. Age I got to scratch handicap: age 17.

14. Age I first broke 70: age 16.

15. What’s in your bag? All Ping clubs and an Odyssey putter. And apart from clubs and golf balls? Sun cream, lip balm and food.

16.  Driving distance and putting average: 265 yards and 29 putts.

17. How many holes in one? 3.

18. Your team: My caddie Kris Walker, Coach Kevin Craggs, Fitness Trainer Kenny McKenzie and psychologist Ed McCosh.