You had a top 20 finish last week. Can you carry that forward and maybe improve this week?

I felt a little rusty last week. I played this morning. This is probably the best course I have played. It is awesome.

Katherine (Hull) said the same thing.

I totally agree. It sounds a bit stupid to say it, but you are going to have to hit good shots around here. I think the winner on Sunday is going to be a major player and will have played the course really well.

You said you were here a couple of weeks ago. What were you doing?

I was here with Queenie (Clare Queen) and Soph (Sophie Walker). We were staying with Queenie’s friends and we were practising at Sandhurst. We appreciate them letting us practise there. They have great facilities.

Is this the first time you have played here?

Yes. I came here yesterday and did a bit of chipping and putting.

Was your performance in this title last year a breakthrough for you? And were you able to carry it on into the rest of the year?

For sure. This time last year I did not have a card anywhere. I was lucky enough to get an invite here. I took the opportunity and fortunately played quite well. I love Kingston Heath and I love this place.

Did you carry on your form on the LET?

I did. My Mum was with me. It did not really sink in until later in the year. I was disappointed at the time that I did not win. It stuck with me. Last year I learnt so much but I still have so much to learn. Finishing third here was a great confidence booster. If it had not been for that, things might have turned out different.

Are there any stand-out holes for you?

I think all of them are challenging. Certainly on the back nine there are more birdie opportunities. I think you are going to score more on the back nine. But there is a great starting hole and a great 10th hole. It is such a great golf course. It is one of those courses where you can’t have a big enough lead going into the final round. Anything can happen. The greens are so close to the bunkers and you’ve got drop-offs. You’ve really got to play pretty smart out here. You’ve got to play percentage golf.