Team USA – Beth Daniel and Meg Mallon
You’re getting to like this place, aren’t you?

Meg Mallon: I didn’t play well today but I putted well, which was a good thing, because my partner played some great iron shots into the greens. The par fives we took advantage of today which we didn’t do yesterday so it was great and we partnered really well.

Beth, you laughed when we said you could win the tournament.

Meg Mallon: I’m still laughing.
Beth Daniel: I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself so we just take it one shot and one day at a time. I think we’re better off that way.

How was it playing with the French?

Meg Mallon: Oh it was great. I’ve never played with Anne-Lise before so it was fun to watch a good player on the European Tour and as you say, spy a little bit on The Solheim Cup. We’ll see what’s coming our way in August.

It was almost like Solheim Cup, there, wasn’t it? You got upstaged.

Beth Daniel: We got upstaged, yes. We definitely got upstaged on that last hole.
Meg Mallon: It was beautiful.

You’re doing some sight seeing after this. Will you come back?

Meg Mallon: Can you guarantee this weather?
We’re as surprised as anybody but we’re also playing well at the right times. We’ll see what happens the next few days. I’m happy to sleep in: that’s my goal every day.
Beth Daniel: The greens were very, very firm today. The greens were very receptive on Tuesday and they each day they have gotten firmer. Today they have got extremely firm and you play the first three holes, the greens all run away from you and are down wind. It’s very, very difficult even with wedges to hold wedges and get it close to those hole locations. I thought those hole locations today were very difficult, particularly for this type of format.

You have a fan club here. Did you have to explain the rules?

Meg Mallon: No I think they’re getting the hang of it. It can get a little confusing though. I think the par fives are a little confusing. Even I almost forgot to hit that bunker shot on the hole. It’s fun though: it keeps your mind active and it’s a fun format: fun to play.

France – Gwladys Nocera and Anne-Lise Caudal – Quick quotes

Gwladys: Anne-Lise hit a really good shot into the green so we had a chance to make an eagle. We played really well today and it was good to finish like that because we deserve it, pretty much. I don’t say that very often but we played really well and it’s good to finish like that so we are pretty happy.
Anne-Lise: It’s very nice. We played well yesterday and today as well. We didn’t make tough putts but maybe tomorrow.