Anne-Lise Caudal (France)

How much did Ludivine Kreutz (your caddie for today) help you?
On the green she helped me and when I was not sure of the second shot. She helped me to relax because we were laughing all the time on the course. She knows the course very well so she is a good caddie.

How satisfied are you with today’s round?
I am happy. I’ve played well and I want it to continue.

Do you think you can win?
Of course, if I can why not.

How did you learn to master the grain on the greens?
It’s not very easy but you concentrate a bit more. I just feel the shot.

Have you played this course before?
No. This is the first time.

Have you played on greens with grain before?
No never. It’s a different type of grass. I played with the amateurs in the pro am and they said to me be careful with the grass.

What was your approach to the week? You appeared to be very relaxed?
Yes. I’m relaxed. I’m playing the same as last week, just keep my strategy, shot after shot and we’ll see.

You like hot countries?
Yes, it’s a nice place.

Rebecca Hudson (England)

Was that something that you were expecting?
No, I didn’t think I’d be one shot off the lead. I did think some-one would get to ten or 11-under-par. l didn’t actually play fabulous, especially on the front nine. I got up and down a lot. I didn’t have many expectations; just wanted to go out and play well again. I had some chances and I didn’t hole anything for par so hopefully tomorrow, if I play as well as I have done on this back nine and get a few putts going in, I should be okay. I’m surprised that no-one has run away with it although the wind was very tough this afternoon.
The wind picked up so ten is playing very long. It made everything cross-wind. It depends how strong the wind is going to be as to how easy it plays.

How do you rate your chances of winning?
If I can hole some putts I’ve got a good chance. We’ll be giving it all we can.