Marjet van der Graaff (Netherlands) 69-67=136 (-8)

A five-under 67 today. Congratulations on your best score on the LET. So did you like the wet golf course after the delay?

Yes. It wasn’t really a problem for me because I hit it quite long. It made it a bit longer but I still had good irons in.

What about the greens?

They were a bit different: a bit slower, but still alright.

How pleased are you?

Finally after two years I shoot two normal rounds in a row. I’m playing solid. I’ve played solid for the last few months but it’s not really been coming out. It’s getting better, so.

What was the main difference today?

I made some good putts. I hit some shots close and made the putts as well. My chipping is a bit better than it was so I made some good up and downs.

Did you reach the par fives in two?

Yes. I had a short putt on six from two or three metres and almost hit it in the hole, on seven it was fve or six metres and I chipped close on nine. On 18 I can make it in two but I don’t go for the green. I just go in front of the green and then chip it and putt it. I chipped to one metre.

Did you enjoy playing as a two-ball?

Yes, it was fun. Elizabeth Bennett was good fun, a good laugh. 18 holes is a long and she made it relax and go easily. She also played well so it was good fun.
I played solid the last two days and I hope I can continue like this. I’ll take it shot by shot. I’m happy with the results and now we’ll see how I do.

You won the Euro Cup with Christel Boeljon earlier in the year. Can you win here?

I’m not sure if I’m ready for a win but I know I can win on the tour because I can shoot low scores and I hit it well enough. If I hit it straight and don’t do any strange things then I can win but I’m not sure if now is the time. We’ll see.

Laura Davies (England) 67-69=136 (-8)

How do you feel about the score today?

It’s a very good score considering the weather today. It was a lot tougher with the wind. It could have been less because I missed some putts and my only two bogeys were three putts. I chipped in for a birdie on the 14th hole so it balanced out to not a bad score.

How satisfied were you with your ball striking?

I’m very pleased. I did hit it good today. I hit one poor tee shot on 17 and that was my first bogey of the week when I three putted from the front edge.

Will you do anything new for the weekend?

No; much of the same. Keep the ball in play; make some putts and who knows.

Bettina Hauert (Germany) 68-68=136 (-8)

A 68 was an excellent score in these conditions wasn’t it?

I’m very happy with the result today. There were five holes in a row where I only had one putt, that was three times after up and downs and then two birdies. That stretch started on 13.

How many putts did you have?

29. I just had 13 greens in regulation and on holes nine and 18 I hit the green in two. I hit nine fairways.

What was the best part of the game?

I’m happy I think. 13 greens in regulation in this wind isn’t bad.

How nice is it to be playing in a German speaking country?

It feels like being at a normal tournament so I’m speaking in English apart from when I speak to a volunteer and I can give the numbers out in German. It doesn’t change anything.

Do you feel you have the tools to win here?

Everybody who is playing in this tournament probably wants to win it. In the last few days I gave myself good chances to do it but there are still two rounds to go. There are other girls out there too so I keep working.

Are you more confident now?

Yes. I’m very focused on the course. I don’t let my thoughts run away and I stick to the golf.