Maria Hjorth

Q: Does it help being a longer hitter?
A: It definitely does. You can have a lot of birdie chances and you can take advantage of being a longer hitter.

Q: Can you reach the par fives in two shots?
A: A few of the par fives you can reach in two: for seven, twelve and fifteen I was on the front edge and three putted, so I’d say three are reachable.

Q: Do you have your baby here?
A: Yes. My mum and dad are here too. They were helping out yesterday when I was ill. (She has a cold since yesterday morning).

Q: Where is your husband (caddie Shaun McBride)?
A: He is caddying on the PGA Tour for Bryce Molder. He was out at the British and Evian so we spent time together.

Hjorth’s Card
Hole 3: rescue off the tee (222), 75 yards to pin, lob wedge to a foot
Hole 6: par three playing really tough, right when the rain started. Five iron left of green, missed putt
Hole 9: driver, seven iron to 8 feet
Hole 12: hit rescue four to 25 feet
Hole 16: tee shot, wind caught, stayed short and missed pitch, putt
Hole 17: good drive (290 yards), 85 yards in lob wedge to 25 feet
Hole 18: good drive (275 yards), 106 yards in 56 degree wedge to 8 feet
1 eagle, 5 birdies and 2 bogeys

Suzann Pettersen

Q: How are you feeling, how is your body holding up?

A: It’s very tight, my body’s not responding to my actions; I’m out of gas.

Q: Is it just the journey across and how tired you are from that?

A: It’s the last eight weeks we’ve been through; I ran out of gas on the last day last week; it’s just hard to recover right now; my body’s not responding.

Q: Okay, I just want to ask you before you go; you played with a fifteen year old girl who’s an amateur who hit a 32 back 9 which is pretty good; what did you make of her?

A: She is a hard worker.

Q: Would you admire anything she did coming back from that double bogey on the first hole?

A: Yeah I don’t know if she was a bit nervous; I mean I played with her during a practice round, she didn’t really hit one shot like that tee shot so maybe the moment got her a little bit, but she bounced back strong.

Q: I hope you recover in time for the rest of the weekend.